Big Data Hadoop Training In Gurgaon

Big Data Hadoop Training In Gurgaon

Big data hadoop certification training to learn hadoop developer and administrator skills.

  • Cloudera Big Data Certified Trainer
  • Professional Big Data and Hadoop Course Content
  • Learn With Real-life Case Studies and Assignments
  • Learn Over Live Enviournment, 100% Practical Exposure
  • Flexible batches timing, Weekdays and Weekend classes.

As the amount of data generated through internet is increasing by each passing day, organizations requires highly skilled Hadoop professionals to deal with their massive data.

W3training School offers Hadoop training in gurgaon which is designed to provide you hands-on experience on core components of Hadoop Framework that includes HDFS, MapReduce and YARN.

You will get to know how to store and process data on Hadoop cluster using HDFS and MapReduce programming algorithms.

Along with this, we will make you familiar with Hadoop-related projects such as Pig, Hive, HBase, Spark, Cassandra, Mahout, Zookeeper, Impala, Sqoop and Flume by implementing industry-based real life projects and case studies in the domains of e-commerce, banking, telecommunications etc.

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Hadoop Training As Per Your Requirements

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Hadoop Corporate training – A training which is structured for corporate professionals to accelerate growth in existing profile.

Summer training

Summer training

Hadoop Summer training – Grasp hadoop knowledge in your summer holidays and start build your knowledge base.

Industrial Training

Industrial Training

Hadoop Industrial training – learn hadoop as per the industry norms and develop your skills according to the industry requirements.

Big Data Hadoop Training In Gurgaon

Big data hadoop certification training to learn hadoop developer and administrator skills.

  • Standard Industrial Hadoop Training.
  • Best in industry faculty.
  • Discussion Classes.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Case studies.
  • 100% Job Assistance.

Big Data Hadoop Training Upto Next Level

If you want to learn Big data Hadoop up to next level, then choose the specialization as per your requirements.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Hadoop Architect Training – Learn Hadoop architect to develop your core programming skills and build your skillset.

Summer training

Summer training

Industrial administration training – get hands-on training as the per industry guidelines and learn the special structured industrial course.

Industrial Training

Industrial Training

Hadoop data science training – learn how to extract meaningful information from big data with the help of statistical tools.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Hadoop Developer training – learn advance hadoop components to deal with development and implement the different algorithms.

Summer training

Summer training

Hadoop tester training – learn tester training to create test strategies for Hadoop cluster and implement various test cases and test scripts.

Industrial Training

Industrial Training

Customized requirement – Learn different components of Hadoop according to your own wish, find customized topic for every individual.


Big data Hadoop is bigger for huge corporations today. However, there is a lack of skilled people training in Hadoop. In order to tap in into this, W3training has introduced Big Data Hadoop training in Gurgaon at our institute.


Conventional data processing application are unable to handle huge and complex data sets. This has come to known as big data. Storing, transferring, searching, sharing, analysing are some of the common challenges faced in handling such data sets.

To support and process such massive data sets spread across at different computing condition, Hadoop is used. A Java-based programming, Hadoop is an open source framework to handle such data sets. Tech giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo use it.

To learn big data Hadoop, you need to have some knowledge and understanding of Java and Linux. This will help you to learn it in a better way.


  • Open avenues and opportunities to work with IT giants like Google
  • Enhance your skill and be in demand by IT companies.
  • You can work part-time offering your service as a remote freelancer or a consultant.
  • Hands-on practice with latest technologies.
  • Work on live projects to simulate the real working environment.
  • Experienced trainers who have spent a good amount of time learning and training in Hadoop.
  • Instructor-led classroom training to help you through every problem while learning.
  • Flexible learning for working professionals with weekend or Sunday-only classes.


  • There is a huge demand for Big Data Hadoop experts in large corporations. There is a dearth of skilled people who can understand and master components of Hadoop ecosystems. The early you learn the skill, the better is the chance of getting placed in a large company.
  • The pay package offered to Big data Hadoop trained candidates is huge. In fact, with experience of six months to a year can fetch you a handsome salary unmatched in any other industry or field. Therefore, the scope of growing and earning is really big.
  • Technologies change rapidly and so do the demands in the job market. To keep yourself updated you should know the working of big data Hadoop so that you do not get outdated just like the technologies.

With the advent of new technologies and devices, the usage of internet has grown rapidly recently. The rise of Facebook and Google has posed a challenge to handle data generated every day. Every person is online nowadays, and the consumption of data is growing at a break-neck speed.

To handle such data and data sets, companies need tools and people to get the best of it. Managing data is a big challenge and overcoming this challenge large companies need skill people with right skills to handle their data.


  • Graduates who aspire to build their career in data management should promptly join our Big data Hadoop course. As young professionals and learners, they have better chances and opportunities to provide themselves.
  • Project Managers who have to analyse and make sense out of large data need to know how Hadoop can be used. Not only can Hadoop leverage businesses but also your career. Knowing the technology gives you an edge of understanding the working of your subordinates.
  • Software developers who develop software as per the demand of a company will also definitely benefit from it. You should know how a new software works and how it opens up new opportunities for future software.

We ensure that you learn the latest technology from the best trainers. Therefore, we are here to cater to your needs and help you learn and grow in your professional and personal life. Currently, we are available at Gurgaon and looking to start Hadoop training other cities of India like Delhi, Jaipur , Dehradun.

Hadoop Course Content

The Case for Apache Hadoop

  1.    Brief History of Hadoop
  2.    Core Hadoop Components
  3.    Fundamental Concepts

Hadoop Distributed File System

  •    HDFS Features
  •    HDFS Design Assumptions
  •    Overview of HDFS Architecture
  •    Writing and Reading Files
  •    Name Node Considerations
  •    An Overview of HDFS Security
  •    Hands-On Exercise


  •    What Is MapReduce?
  •    Features of MapReduce
  •    Basic MapReduce Concepts
  •    Architectural Overview
  •    MapReduce Version 2
  •    Failure Recovery
  •    Hands-On Exercise

Overview of the Hadoop Ecosystem

  • What is the Hadoop Ecosystem?
  • Integration Tools
  • Analysis Tools
  • Data Storage and Retrieval Tools

Planning your Hadoop Cluster

  • General planning Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Hardware
  • Network Considerations
  • Configuring Nodes

Hadoop Installation

  • Deployment Types
  • Installing Hadoop
  • Using Hadoop Manager for Easy Installation
  • Basic Configuration Parameters
  • Hands-On Exercise

Advanced Configuration

  • Advanced Parameters
  • Configuring Rack Awareness
  • Configuring Federation
  • Configuring High Availability
  • Using Configuration Management Tools

Hadoop Security

  • Why Hadoop Security Is Important
  • Hadoop’s Security System Concepts
  • What Kerberos Is and How it Works
  • Configuring Kerberos Security
  • Integrating a Secure Cluster with Other Systems

Managing and Scheduling Jobs

  • Managing Running Jobs
  • Hands-On Exercise
  • FIFO Scheduler
  • FairScheduler
  • Configuring the FairScheduler
  • Hands-On Exercise

Cluster Maintenance

  • Checking HDFS Status
  • Hands-On Exercise
  • Copying Data Between Clusters
  • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes
  • Rebalancing the Cluster
  • Hands-On Exercise
  • NameNode Metadata Backup
  • Cluster Upgrading

Cluster Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • General System Monitoring
  • Managing Hadoop’s Log Files
  • Using the NameNode and JobTracker Web UIs
  • Hands-On Exercise
  • Cluster Monitoring with Ganglia
  • Common Troubleshooting Issues
  • Benchmarking Your Cluster

Populating HDFS From External Sources

  • An Overview of Flume
  • Hands-On Exercise
  • An Overview of Sqoop
  • Best Practices for Importing Data

Installing and Managing Other Hadoop Projects

  • Hive
  • Pig
  • HBase

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

  •    HDFS Design
  •    HDFS Daemons
  •    HDFS Federation
  •    HDFS HA
  •    Securing HDFS (Kerberos)
  •    File Read and Write Paths

Hadoop Course FAQ’S 

How Can I Register For Hadoop Training?

Since we prefer small batch sizes (That help us to focus on every individual) so as to confirm your seat, you need to register first.

For the registration of Hadoop training with W3training School, you can either visit to our nearest branch and make a payment of Rs 1,000 /- or you can also submit the fee online in our website.

The fee is totally refundable in case you don’t join the course and let us know 24 hrs before the starting of the batch.

Who Can Opt For Hadoop Training?

Hadoop is a java based, open-source programming framework which requires a fine knowledge of programming. Students basically from technical background are known to be it’s admirer but it can be learnt easily by any non-technical graduate, it’s just they have to make more efforts.

What Is The Duration Of Hadoop Training With W3training School?

The total duration of Hadoop training is 2.5 months which covers all the important modules of Hadoop training. This course is designed in a way that not only every candidate knows do’s and dont’s but can also deploy the same while working on actual tool.

How Is Hadoop A Better Option Than Other Programmings?

Importance of any technology is calculated after knowing it’s area of action and how long it will be in market. Hadoop is a new concept which let’s an individual to take care of large data or you can say lake of data(Big Data). Hadoop also helps companies to execute certain functions on the data and accordingly you can fetch the information you like.

What Are The Profiles Of Trainer?

Hadoop training is generally conducted by our extremely qualified trainers. These trainers basically holds experience of 4-6 years in the same domain and who also actively participate in conducting classes.

What If We Miss Any Hadoop Training Class?

If in case any one misses any class ( It is with all other training programs), then we are bound to serve them with back up classes. In our back class model, we provide every course ensured that when ever you will miss any class you will be entertained either one-by-one or will be called in other batches. The timing will be mutually decided between the trainer and the candidates.

Do You Have Online Classes For Hadoop?

Currently, we focus on classroom training which helps an individual to understand the subject very clearly and that too in the presence of mentor.

Online classes are currently not operative but we will get something onto this.

Why W3training School For Hadoop Training?

Hadoop training requires dedicated labs and professional trainers without a trainer, lab is nothing and vice versa. At W3training School we understand the need of training and accordingly we groom our students to excel the world.

The Hadoop training program is designed on Industry standards and to maintain that we have blended a well training staff and the professionals from industry. We learn through practicing and grow through case studies, which in return help our students to showcase their skills wherever they go.

Which All Companies Hire Hadoop Analysts?

There are around 500 + companies in India that are hiring Analyst. Some of them are  Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Genpact, MuSigna, WNS, SAS, Fractal Analytics, ZS Associates, Inductis, KIE Square, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, HSBC Analytics, Axis Bank, Shoppers Stop, Snap Deal, Flipkart, Myntra, Cipla, GSK, Ranbaxy, Vodafone, Airtel etc.

Are There Any Prerequisite Skill Needed For Hadoop Training?

There is no such skill needed beforehand for Hadoop training. This course is designed in such a way that any student, from any educational qualification, can start from the beginning. It is like starting from the scratch and step by step understanding every aspect of Hadoop industry.

I Want To Be A Analyst.Is This Course Sufficient?

Yes, This course is the totally advanced course to start with, in your career. This course enables you to fully understand the role of an analyst as well as it helps you to function like an analyst.

As we already discussed that our course is designed according to industrial norms and it helps you to get your dream job.

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