Data Science is currently one of the most trending topics in the IT sector that involves the implementation of machine learning algorithms and other business intelligence techniques.

Now what becomes important is to extract all the useful information from a large amount of structured and unstructured data for which highly skilled data scientist are required.

We offer you the best data science training course that will make you an expert in implementing machine learning algorithms using Apache Mahout, Natural Language Processing and statistical analysis techniques using tools like SAS, SPSS, MATLAB, R programming language etc.  

This data science training program will enable you to use tools and programming languages such as Python, NumPy, SciPy, Pig, Pandas, NLTK(Natural Language Toolkit) etc.  

Objectives of Hadoop Data Science Training

  • To learn various business intelligence and statistical analysis tools.
  • To understand topics like artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, data visualization etc.
  • To understand histograms, dot plots, Stem plots, probability and Bayes theorem.
  • To learn how machine learning algorithms are used for pattern searching and data analysis.
  • To understand sampling concepts such as proportionate sampling, stratified sampling, etc.
  • To understand quantitative statistical analysis techniques like bivariate and multivariate analysis.
  • To understand how Chi-square test is used to examine categorical variables.
  • To learn about Hadoop ecosystem and its components such as Pig, Hive, Avro, ZooKeeper, Spark, Impala and especially Apache Mahout for creating machine learning algorithms.
  • To understand the architecture of recommendation systems.  
  • To use Pig Streaming on Hadoop Framework.
  • To learn how Spark MLlib is used to run ML algorithms
  • To use NumPy and SciPy for analyzing big data and writing python scripts.

Benefits of Hadoop Data Science Training Program

  • The demand of data scientists has been increased that has opened better career opportunities for IT professionals.  
  • Data Scientist are offered very high salary packages. According to, the average salary of a data scientist in US is around $ 130605 per year. And according to, the average salary of a Data Scientist in India is around Rs. 620244 per year.
  • You will be benefited with an accelerated career growth.
  • A chance to work in world’s biggest organizations such as Facebook, Apple, VDart, Twitter, LinkedIn as these frequently hire data scientists.
  • Data Science is a very vast field where you can explore yourself by learning new techniques every day while working in a big data organization.

Job Responsibilities of Hadoop Data Scientist

There is the bunch of job responsibilities of a data scientist in a big data organization. He is responsible for extracting useful information from the raw data for the betterment of the organization in the future.

He is involved in product operations, exploratory analysis, evaluating, comparing and defining metrics, influencing and motivating other teams such as product team and development team through the presentation of work, etc.

Some other major job responsibilities of a data scientist are listed below.

  • Drive, support and execute business decisions.
  • Working with Hive, MySQL, Vertica, Oracle and other database systems.
  • Creating roadmaps and proposing ideas for advancement in the technology.
  • Supporting product and analytics teams.
  • Design, develop and deliver machine learning solutions by incorporating machine learning algorithms.
  • Design and create data analytics applications.
  • Processing and analyzing a large amount of structured and unstructured data being retrieved from relational databases and other big data storage.
  • Perform data mining, statistical analysis, image processing, yield analysis etc.
  • Pattern and root cause detection.
  • Building data pipelines and defining data-driven workflows through SQL, ETL frameworks.    

Who Should Take Hadoop Data Science Training

Hadoop Data Science Training is best suited to the IT professionals who have the basic understanding of SQL scripting, programming languages like Java, Python.

Experience in advance statistical analysis tools like SAS and SPSS, data visualization tools like tableau etc is a plus. However, if you are not familiar with all these tools, you don’t need to worry. They are part of our course curriculum and we will make you expert in using these tools for predictive analysis and writing machine learning algorithms.  

Following is a list of professionals who can take our data science training course

  • Software Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Data Analysts
  • Hadoop Developers
  • Hadoop Architects
  • Hadoop Administrators
  • Mainframe professionals
  • Software testing professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Aspiring computer science graduates who want to make their career in big data domain.

Why Us For Hadoop Data Science Training Program

The features of our Hadoop data science training program are listed below:

(1) Our trainers are industry experts having more than 7 years of working experience in big data organization and more than 2 years of experience in providing training to IT professionals and other students

(2) We provide you real life project-based training in the domains of telecom, retail, banking and finance etc.

(3) We give our students periodic assignments to help them practice their classroom learnings   

(4) We offer students and professionals free demo classes to take an overview of the quality of trainers we have and quality of training they deliver.

(5) We have customized course curriculum designed by highly skilled industry experts that contains all the essential topics of data science and its corresponding softwares and tools.

(6) We have fully equipped practice labs with a great learning environment.

(7) We strongly believe in student-cordial pacing. Our trainers know how to pace the training if in case a student is having difficulty in grasping the training sessions  

(8) We also provide you an invaluable assistance for Job Interviews to ease your way of getting placed in the multinational organization.

(9) We provide you certification by W3training School that will surely help you in your future successes.

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