Testing a Hadoop application is not an easy work. It requires several technical skills and ability to detect errors as earliest as possible. The tester should have strong programming skills and creative mind to quickly fix bugs and errors in an application.

 We offer you the best Hadoop tester training that will make you a master in testing Hadoop applications. You will be able to create test strategies for Hadoop cluster and implement various test cases and test scripts.

This training will give you an opportunity to get trained under the guidance of highly skilled big data Hadoop experts who have experience of giving training sessions to more than 50 batches.

We will make you familiar with Hadoop core components such as HDFS(Hadoop Distributed File System), MapReduce, YARN and other components of Hadoop ecosystem such as Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache HBase, Apache Sqoop, Apache Flume etc.

Our Hadoop tester training will provide you an exposure of real-world test case scenarios and enable you to implement test plans for Hadoop cluster, Elasticsearch clusters etc.   

Objectives of Big Data Hadoop Tester Training

The objectives of our Hadoop tester training program are listed below.

  • Understand Hadoop ecosystem and its components
  • Understand data integration
  • Learn and execute test cases using Hive Query language(HQL)
  • Understand Pig, HBase, Sqoop, Flume etc.
  • Learn how regression testing and automated testing is carried out.
  • Learn how test cycles are planned.
  • Understand how traceability is managed
  • Learn how Hadoop MapReduce jobs are tested using Apache MRUnit testing framework which is basically a java library.

Why Choose Hadoop Tester Training Program

There are plenty of reasons why you should go for our Hadoop tester training program. In any big data organization, a Hadoop application can’t be deployed unless it has been tested and approved by a Hadoop tester.

In fact, he is responsible for planning test cycles to detect if there is an error in the application and finally sanction it to be deployed after having discussions with other members such as scrum master, Hadoop developers, and administrators, project manager.

So, the importance of a Hadoop tester is similar to that of Hadoop developer, administrator, data scientist and Hadoop architect. And, with the global acceptance of Hadoop technology, organizations require highly skilled Hadoop testers who can easily detect errors and gives organizations a way to effectively deal with any type of big data issues.  

Another reason to choose Hadoop tester training program is the huge salary they are offered. According to indeed.com, the average salary of a Hadoop tester in U.S is around $132k.

The job opportunities for Hadoop tester have increased considerably in the past few years. In fact, they are getting huge hikes in their salary after gaining experience and switching to Hadoop tester profile.

Job Responsibilities of Big Data Hadoop Tester

Generally, the work of a software tester in an organization is to find out any errors or defects in the application and to repair those errors using softwares and testing tools.

A Hadoop tester does the same work but in the domain of big data with increased job responsibilities which are listed below.

  • Repair and maintain Regression Suite and Automated Test Suite for all the supported applications.
  • Everyday test execution and analysis
  • Defect management
  • Re-testing and status reporting
  • Collaborative working with test analysts, scrum master, release manager, project manager, product manager, development team member, infrastructure team member, business analysts, and sponsors.
  • Maintain superior quality of test cases.
  • Planning test cycles and managing traceability
  • Identifying target test items and discrepancies
  • Evaluate results of test cycles
  • Participate in defect triage discussions  
  • Execute BVT(Build Verification Testing) to ensure test readiness
  • Provide detailed test status to the lead hadoop tester on a daily basis
  • Provide assistance to approve and sanction test strategies
  • Execute ETL testing, BI report testing, DB testing, SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) testing etc.  
  • Data management and service virtualization using tools such as IBM Optim and IBM Infosphere MDM.
  • Perform Unix Shell scripting and working with components of Hadoop ecosystem such as Hive, Sqoop, HBase, Pig etc.
  • Work on large and complex Hadoop clusters in different data centers.

Who Should Take Big Data Hadoop Tester Training

Hadoop Tester Training program is open to those professionals who have suitable working experience and good command over SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, Java programming language.

Having a previous experience in testing profile is a plus and will help you easily understand how testing of Hadoop applications is done that includes smoke/ BVT testing, ETL testing, BI testing etc. using Hadoop components and other testing tools.

Professionals with following profiles can take our big data Hadoop tester training.     

  • Hadoop Developers
  • Software Testing Engineers
  • QA(Quality Assurance) Professionals
  • System Administrators
  • Data Analysts
  • Software Developers(Java, Python etc.)
  • Others having bachelor’s degree in computer science and want to make their career in big data hadoop testing profile.

Why Us For Hadoop Tester Training Program

  1. Instructor-led training
  2.  Real life project-based training
  3. Periodic Assignments
  4. Free Demo Classes
  5. Customized course curriculum
  6. Assistance for Hadoop Tester Certification
  7. Practice Labs
  8. Student-cordial pacing
  9. Assistance for Job Interviews
  10. Certification by W3training School
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