In this information age, almost all the IT professionals are now aware of the importance of big data Hadoop corporate training.

They are rapidly switching to big data Hadoop profiles knowing the benefits they are likely to get regarding better career growth with comparatively higher salary packages than any other technology in the market.

So, it becomes necessary for them to install big data Hadoop skills into their skillset through Hadoop training in order to make an impact on organization’s growth and prove themselves to be worthy for the organization.

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Why industries require big data Hadoop corporate training?

We have discussed below some of the factors which increase the demand for big data Hadoop training in the corporate world.

As you probably know that big data Hadoop is one of the most popular and fastest growing technology in the world.

It provides fast solutions in a very cost effective manner as compared to traditional data analysis software like RDBMS. Therefore Hadoop corporate training can be useful for IT professionals who want to upgrade their big data skills.

According to Zion Market research, the global Hadoop market in the year 2016 was around 7.69 billion USD which is growing at a CAGR of 50%. With this growth rate, it is expected that the global Hadoop market will reach around 87.14 billion USD at the end of 2022.

The reason behind this market growth is the increased amount of structured and unstructured data which will go on increasing till the internet is alive.

This, in turn, increasing the demand for proper corporate training in big data Hadoop to produce Hadoop professionals such as data scientists, Hadoop architects, Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator etc. to handle data analysis, data processing, storing the data on machines in computer clusters etc.

Our Hadoop Corporate Training Program not only helps to fulfill the industry requirements of highly skilled big data Hadoop professionals, who can easily handle processing and storing of the large volume of data but also helps in increasing the overall productivity.    

Let us explain why professionals in industries require big data Hadoop corporate training with an example.

Social media companies like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc. generate a massive amount of data(in terabytes and petabytes) every day through various user activities such as signing in of new users, posts likes, tweets, audio/ video and image uploads etc.

The lack of Hadoop corporate training will make handling these large amounts of data very difficult.

Let’s us provide you the clean figures of the generated data in different companies.

  • Facebook generated more than 500 TB of data daily including posts, audio/ video and image uploads etc.
  • Google now stores more than 10 Exabyte(10240 Petabyte).
  • Twitter generates around 8 TB of data every day.
  • Instagram users posts around 220000 new photos every minute.
  • Tinder users swipe 425500 times every minute.
  • LinkedIn has more than 450 registered users with 2 new users joining every second, 130000 posts per week, around 20 million SlideShare’s uploaded till now.

Processing, analyzing and storing this large amount of data i.e, big data using Hadoop technology becomes a major problem in these organizations as it requires highly skilled Hadoop professionals.

Corporate Training in big data Hadoop helps these organizations to produce skilled Hadoop professionals with the following Hadoop profiles.

  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Architect
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Data Scientists
  • Hadoop Tester, etc.

That’s why industries require corporate training in big data Hadoop to stand out from the crowd as far as handling big data is concerned.

How to Utilize Hadoop Corporate Training Within Industry

Today, there is an increase in the amount of generation of data as compared to the data generated ten years before. It becomes a challenge for many organizations to deal with a large amount of data so as to increase productivity.

So, big data Hadoop training has become very important to meet those challenges and generating high revenues for the corporate business.

Here are some challenges or you can say areas where Hadoop corporate training prove to be useful for several organizations in facing issues such as processing, analyzing and storing a large amount of data across their computer clusters.

[1] Machine or Hardware Failure

If a machine or a hardware goes down or fails to respond, the data present in the file is likely to be lost.

In this situation, Hadoop corporate training proves to be successful. A professional can utilize his/her Hadoop skills he/she has learned through Hadoop training which involves using HDFS and MapReduce to recover files.

Once you know how to store files using HDFS, you don’t need to do anything else. The Hadoop framework will automatically make three replicas of a file on different machines present in the computer cluster. So, if in case a file is lost from one machine, it can be recovered from another machine.

[2] Variety and Volume of Data

Big data Hadoop corporate training can be helpful to deal with a large amount of data generated through the internet and other resources. The big data may be structured, semi-structured or unstructured.

The structured and semi-structured data can be easily processed and stored through traditional RDBMS but under a certain limit. It cannot be used to handle unstructured data.

For this reason, Hadoop has become the first choice of many organizations as it has the ability to handle all variety of data irrespective of how large it is.

[3] Scalability-  

One of the major challenges with big data is to scale machines or hardware in conditions when the amount of data to be handled is very large.

Hadoop supports horizontal scalability which enables organizations to easily add more machines across the nodes in the computer cluster to meet big data requirements.  

How Hadoop is Used in Organizations

Big data Hadoop corporate training will allow you to utilize your skills in the following industries.  

[1] Hadoop in Telecommunication Industry

  • Managing and Analyzing CDR’s(Call Data Records)
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Analyzing Network Loads
  • Storing sensor data from the network
  • Processing Phone Calls

[2] Hadoop in Finance & Banking

  • Tracking Anti-money Laundering Practices
  • Investment and Stocks Recommendations
  • Fraud Detection
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis
  • Credit Risk Assessment

[3] Hadoop in Healthcare

  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Tracking Patient Care Systems
  • Cancer Treatment and Genomics
  • Hospital Network

 [4] Hadoop in Social Network Companies

  • AOL- For behavioral analysis and targeting including ETL style processing, running advanced algorithms etc.
  • Facebook- For reporting, data warehousing, messaging system, log analysis etc.
  • Yahoo- For job processing, spam detection etc.
  • eBay- It uses Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache HBase for Search Optimization etc.
  • Adobe- For data storage and other purposes.
  • Adknowledge- For behavioral targeting and clickstream analytics.
  • InMobi- For data science, machine learning, ETL etc.
  • For log analysis, data set merging, charts calculations etc.
  • Spotify- For reporting, data aggregation, generating content and music recommendations etc.
  • NetSeer- For log analysis, processing and crawling.

[5] Hadoop in Retail

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Time-based pricing
  • Integrated Forecasting  

How Big Data Hadoop Corporate Training helps Business to grow?

Big Data Hadoop Corporate Training can help business to grow in many ways. If the IT professionals working in some organization have big data Hadoop skills, they can easily perform the following tasks that can lead to significant organizational growth.

  • Analyze risk factors for the organization
  • Prevent hardware or machine failure
  • Know the perfect time to launch a product(market research)
  • Make real time decisions
  • Make the server log files used to suspect security breaches from the data
  • Detect Fraudulent Activities
  • Build investment models regarding financial services.

Benefits of Big Data Hadoop Corporate Training

[1] Understand Hadoop Ecosystem

Corporate training in big data Hadoop will help professionals understand Hadoop ecosystem which includes components such as HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, Hive, HBase, Flume, Sqoop, and much more.

They will find it easy to store and process a large amount of data using the above Hadoop components.   

[2] Accelerated Career Growth

Hadoop Corporate training instills all the essential Hadoop skills in the professionals that will ultimately result in an accelerated career growth thus giving them an extra edge over other professionals in the industry.  

[3] Real Life Use Cases of Hadoop

Through big data Hadoop corporate training, professionals will be benefited with the real life use cases and projects in the domains of telecommunications, banking systems, healthcare etc.

They know how to deploy Hadoop and make the most of it whenever there comes need to work with complex data in the above domains.

Once the employee will be more confident regarding their knowledge and skill set they would very well know that how to tackle the workflow and get the best possible optimized results.

Eventually, the industry will grow, and everyone who had taken the Big Data Hadoop Corporate Training will be the master in handling the life and all the practical projects.

[4] Certification

A certificate proves that you have knowledge of a particular subject and gives you an extra edge over those who don’t have a certification.

One of the benefits of taking Hadoop corporate training is that you will get a certification which will show your expertise and all the skills you have learned during the training period.

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