Php Training In Gurgaon

Join Advanced php training Institute in Gurgaon for In-Hand experience and practical exposure.

  • Only Professional Trainers having 6+ years of experience
  • Micro batches and personalized attention for every students
  • Lifetime free support for php jobs and doubt queries.
  • Course syllabus is designed by development industry experts.
  • 100% Job money back guarantee within 3 days on joining .
  • Unlimited learning and support, learn as much as you want.
  • Special Php classes for corporate sectors

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Work On Live Php Projects

Our Complete Php Training is based over 100% Practical Exposure to :

  • Reduce the Industry gap.
  • Enhance the level of confidence.
  • Get to Know all Project Situations.

Professional Php Trainer

Professional php trainer helps to understand php projects discussion, roadmap, gathering, implementation, testing and make it live over the internet.


Our Php Training Process

Introduction to Php

Learn basics of server side scripting language designed for web based application.

Learn Php Programming

Lean to write codes in Php and logics and maths of programming to make your progeamming skill effective.

Php Server Configuration

Configuring server on your local system in windows based or Unix based environment.

Paraller Work On Live Project

Learn php on live projects so you will have better experience how things and logics works and techniques used in IT industry to make your skill more effective.

Setup Project Over Internet

How to run and setup your project over server and makes changes in any live projects. Real IT industry situation you will face in industry during your professional career.

100% Job Assistance

Preparation for job interview, mock test and other activity to get you ready for job as php developer in industry.


Career Guide for Php Developers

Join Advanced PHP training program in Gurgaon, organised by w3training school and make your future with web most demanded web application development programming.

With increasing the craze of online presence php skills is also most demanded in the industry because of it’s key features which fit to any online portal requirements. PHP is used as one of the main languages for web development.

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 Php CMS / Frameworks



WordPress is big Publishing Platform and CMS which enables you to create beautiful websites and application. Know More About WordPress Training



Open Source e-commerce based most popular and widely used CMS from PHP to create function rich and powerful web stores. Know more about Magento training



Joomla is an open source and reliable web application to develop large and complex web applications. Know More about Joomla Training



Drupal is a rich function and easy to Use Content Management System trusted by millions for developing high traffic websites. Know More about Drupal Training



It is rapid web application development framework developed in Php for Model View Control based development. Know More About Cake Php Training



Codeigniter is an application development framework from Php, It is rich in libraries and minimizes the amount of code needed to complete task. Know More About Php Codeigniter Training 



is a model view controller framework developed in Php mainly used to develop e-commerce based web stores and application. Know More About Php Zend Framework Training

Php Yii Framework

Php Yii Framework

Yii Framework is Php most popular and rich framework used to create every kind of web based application with large and database. Know More about Php Yii Framework Training

  • I completed my PHP training from W3trainig School. This Training was totally different from other training institute because I was trained using live projects and live environment. At W3training School  I learned all the basic and Important Stufs on PHP like Core, OOPS, and advance on CakePHP MVC. My Trainer always solved my queries and problems. After completing this training I’m now working as Php developer in MNC. it was overall Great Exp.

  • My experience at W3training School was very good. they give their best and give training fully practically and I have cleared all my queries and they give training from basic to advance. Just After this Training program got job offer from  I must say this one is best place for Fresher who just like me and wanted to learn PHP as Advance and 99 percent company required ready to work Employees. I must say W3training School is one of the best institute to learn Php and get Industry ready.


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Scope after Complete Php Training in Gurgaon

Learning-Php-Could-Be-A-Fun-ImagePhp is most demanding web development programming language today due to its cheap and secure development feature. It’s used in small and large IT companies to develop small and large projects.

Gurgaon is hub of IT Companies and there are lots of small and large IT and Non IT companies are available who need Php developer to build new php based web applications or maintain their old applications. Who hire fresher’s and experienced professional Php developers at Good salary bases.

Benefits of Php Training in Gurgaon with W3training School

There are lots of Php training institute in Gurgaon with different course content and training modules. But there are lots of things who make us unique and best from rest of institutes.

  • In Hand Experience of Php development by working on live projects.
  • Learn with Professional Php developers having 7+ years of Industry Experience.
  • Complete course cover the industry requirements and follow industry working process.
  • 100% Practical Training to more exposure of industry challenges.
  • Job Oriented program, fully focused to make student professional php developers.
  • Special Sessions for interview Preparations and all Technical / Non Technical Doubt clearing sessions.
  • Flexible Batch timing, suits for freshers, beginners and professionals.
  • Advanced php course curriculum to meet the Latest industry trends and techniques.
  • Improve your theoretical skills also with our free eLearning Materials.

Php Training to Build Strong Foundation For Web Development

Our php training Program is designed who make you strong for web development growth in future. We cover lots of small scripts and applications to give students Hands on Experience and covering lots of example.

The constraint base and clear codes have made PHP as one of the most popular language for multiple web application developments .We cover mix-up concept of basic, intermediate and expert level programming key concept. This Php training combination helps beginners and professionals to advance their skills.

Course Content

Introduction to Php

  • Php Basics
  • Php development benefits
  • Php over other web development programming language.
  • Understanding server environment for php development.
  • Web Browser and Web development.
  • Different versions of Php Versions and their history.

Setup Php Server environment on Local Host

  • Understand Local Server Enviournment
  • Installing XAMP / WAMP in local server on local host.

Working with Php Syntax and others

  • Basis Php Syntax
  • Using If , nested if , if else Statement
  • Array, Number, Associate, Looping and other important array types.

File Handling in Php


File handling is an important part of any web application. You often need to open and process a file for different tasks.

  • Open file
  • Close file
  • Read file
  • Write file
  • File upload

Decision making statements in php

Here we will understand the functions in any website. We will understand the importance of flow charts in order to perfectly implement the conditions according the need of website owner.

  • If else
  • Nested if-else
  • Switch
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Do while
  • Break

Operators in PHP

Operators are used for executing an specific operations. These are basically mathematical operations we follow in PHP.

  • Arithmeticoperators
  • Assignmentoperators
  • Comparisonoperators
  • Increment/Decrementoperators
  • Logicaloperators
  • Stringoperators
  • Array operators

Function in php

  • Introduction to functions
  • Call by value
  • Call by reference
  • Default arguments
  • Variable arguments

Arrays in Php

An array is a data structure that stores one or more similar type of values in a single value.

  • Array
  • Indexed array
  • Associative array
  • Multidimensional array
  • Array functions

 String handling in Php

PHP provides nearly one hundred functions that can manipulate strings in various ways. Some (but not all!) of the functions that can be performed on strings.

  • String
  • String functions

 Super global array in Php

  • Globals
  • Get
  • Post
  • Request
  • File
  • Cookie
  • Session

Form handling in Php

  • Collect data from $_Get and $_Post
  • Super global array

Session and cookies in php

  • Create session
  • Use session
  • Delete session
  • Unset session
  • Destroy session
  • Type of cookie
  • Create cookie
  • Use cookie
  • Delete cookie

File handling

  • Open
  • Close
  • Read
  • Write
  • File upload

PHP function

  • Include
  • Include once
  • Require
  • Required once

Mail Function in Php

  • Mail function
  • Custom contact form

Database in Php

  • Create database
  • Use database
  • Delete data base
  • Create table
  • Use table
  • Delete table
  • Alter table
  • Making database through CMD
  • Making database through browser
  • Log in and sign up application

Exception handling

  • Error methods
  • Type of error
  • Try
  • Catch
  • Custom error methods

 OOPS in Php

Object Oriented is an approach to software development that models application around real world objects such as employees, cars, banks etc

  • Object and class
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Interfaces
  • Polymorphism
  • Static and dynamic binding

 PDO (PHP data object)

PDO is a latest feature in PHP for connecting website to the database. It is much more safe and secure than the previous connection method.

  • Database connectivity
  • Log in /sign up with PDO
  • Query statement
  • Roll back

 WordPress (CMS)

  • Dash board
  • Post
  • Media
  • Pages
  • Comments
  • Appearance
  • Plug ins
  • Users
  • Tools
  • Setting
  • Theme development and customization
  • Woo commerce
  • Plug development


  • Dash board
  • Sales
  • Catalog
  • Customers
  • Promotions
  • News letter
  • CMS
  • Reports
  • Settings
  • Modules / extensions
  • Payment gateway

Php training with Practical Exposure Makes Your Skill More Shining

We prepare our student to face any challenge in php development industry. We have design some online tests to check our students skills. This test helps you cover Interview Questions-Answers’ and so many other developments implementation techniques.

We have design this test online at our website, that you can take the challenge Anywhere –Anytime, 24*7. After completing the course you also can take the printed copy of these test guides.

We have multiple sub part of this course you may join as per your requirements. Join Our Core php training with MySql program or any of php framework.


What is the duration of PHP development training program?

The duration of PHP training with us is basically for 2 months if you join weekday’s classes and the duration for weekend batches would be 3 months.

Other than these two above mentioned batches we also have two other options for training, in which the duration is also different.

There is one other option available for PHP training that is fast track batch which gets complete at duration of 15 days. As the name indicates, this batch will provide you an option to wrap up the training within a month.

Other option is Sunday only classes, which will be a great option for people working for 6 days a week. In this option the duration will reach up to 4 months.

What is the minimum eligibility for PHP training?

There is no such basic eligibility for students looking for PHP training. A basic understanding of computer and working on internet would work.

Apart from this, Students looking PHP training from job perspective, Need to understand that graduation is the minimum qualification for many of the companies.

What is the mode of PHP training?

The mode of training would be in class training in which we make sure that every fresher student understands the key concept regarding the course and it is also very convenient for them to come up with their queries in the class itself.

Locations W3training School Provide Php training ?

Currently W3training School is available in Gurgaon with all it’s training program. But soon our php classes will available at below locations.

What is the approach of PHP training?

The approach for the training would be always practical based. Every student selects their own project and from the very initial level we implement all the PHP techniques to the very project. So, a student knows where to start the project from and how to end it perfectly.

What is Career Prospects in Php Development ?

Php has bright career opportunities, with multiple options and healthy job. Learn briefly about careers prospects in Php to getting know about more details.

Why PHP training with W3training School?

W3training School is one of the prestigious institutions in India. W3training School is known for its quality training on web related services. Being the best institution for web services it is also acknowledged by students for its training on PHP development.

W3training School takes the training of students at a very serious note and also ensures that our students are well qualified and eligible for all the upcoming competition in the field of web services.

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