PHP is in great demand since it is used by big websites like Facebook and WordPress. Thus, we have come up with the best and the latest PHP training. Candidates who want to learn and grow in their career can really benefit from our PHP training programme.

We will assist you in learning the basics of PHP and move towards an advanced level of training. Our methodology of teaching focuses on the understanding of an individual. Therefore, we move from simple to complex level. On the way, we introduce tools, technologies and resources that can help you in learning PHP better.

You will be required to work on a live project. This will expose you to real-life learning. Naturally, you would get stuck, and it may become impossible to get a solution to a problem. But our expert trainers will help you to overcome every and any problem.

Our trainers let you understand the fundamentals perfectly well so that you do not face a problem when you work on a project in real life. With your hard work and determination, you can learn any language and coding. The same applies to PHP and other programming languages.

What is different about W3training school’s PHP training?

  • Job placement at the end of the completion of training.
  • 100% practical training with live projects.
  • Expert trainers with 2-5 years of experience working on
  • Best training material and resource to help you understand fundamentals of PHP
  • Backup classes for candidates who miss classes.
  • A session after completion of training to clear doubts.
  • Separate batches for professionals and students.
  • Guidance for working part-time as a freelancer.
  • Mixed batches of students and working professionals to share experience and knowledge.

Why is PHP training best?

  • Lack of skilled candidates in web development for PHP.
  • Easy to learn and implement.
  • Tool for building dynamic and interactive web pages.
  • Open-source scripting language.

As part of PHP training, you get the opportunity to work on different major CMS and frameworks. As a web developer, you may be asked to work on Magento, Joomla, CakePHP, Drupal, etc. Therefore, we prepare you for all the major applications and platforms.

After the completion of the training, we help you get ready for the interviews with different IT companies. This is the time to test your knowledge and learning. Of course, it is a test for our trainers, too. We want to see how much you have learnt and how you can convince the interviewer with your answers. We want you to be thorough with the subject matter ensuring you have learned and applied all that our trainers helped you learn.

Who should Join PHP training?

  • Students who are pursuing computer science and have knowledge of programming language. Your college and curriculum may not help you learn what we can. In fact, if you can combine your theory with the experience of our trainers, it would bear great results for you and us.
  • Working professionals who are already web developers or working in IT enabled service company. Assuming that you know a programming language and UNIX, we can help you brush up your skills. This can help improve your chances of landing you dream job.

We enable you to learn new skills like PHP so that you can work as per your interest. Instructors at the training institute make sure that you learn that is useful while working in IT companies. You learn what is in demand and a must-know.

Don’t wait and join PHP training to have a high-flying career.