Becoming a successful PHP developer is not an arduous task. Firstly, one needs to be well-versed with the language and then is required to keep in mind a few points which are mentioned in the article. Afterthis, he becomes a successful PHP developer.

How much is PHP developed presently ?

Presently, PHP is being developed by each passing day. PHP is considered as the most versatile language that is gaining popularity now. PHP is finding its prominent utility in the field of web development. It is a developing scripting language and is a robust tool for developing dynamic and interactive web pages.

The web plays an important in running the market these days. Therefore, interactive websites are needed for the market to grow. This can be achieved with the help of PHP. It is a server-side programming language and is preferred by most of the successful developers for developing a website. Moreover, the features, techniques and the formats available are easily grasped by the developers.

Points to be kept in mind for becoming a successful PHP developer.

  1. Use the concept of OOPs.

The concept of OOPs makes coding efficient and easier. OOPs deal with classes and objects. Objects or instance of each class is created which avoids repetition of code. The advantage of creating objects is multiple instances of the same code are created and changes are made to that object without affecting the maincode. A successful PHP developer always prefer using objects.

  1. Authentic data should enter the database.

PHP developers often use MySQL with PHP for database. SQL injections are very common these days. These are malicious SQL statements that controls the database of a web application and are executed by the attacker. SQL injections produces database queries that will never executed. Therefore, the data that is entered in the database should be authentic.

The most commonly used PHP function by successful PHP developers to overcome this problem is mysql_real_escape_string. This functionsanitizes a regular string for the purpose. If the function mysql_real_escape_stringis used with htmlspecialchars (converts special characters to html entities), then the database and the app, both are safeguarded against cross-site scripting attacks.

  1. In-built PHP functions and classes should be used.

It is possible that in-built functions and classes of PHP might be available for some task that is being tried to achieve. This is where the in-built classes comes into function and this is why core PHP functions and classes can be helpful to become a successful PHP developer.

  1. Avoid using _once().

Using include() and require() , simply gives a warning message at the time of failure and kills the script with a fatal error at the time of failure respectively. If a developer uses include_once() and require_once() then this would become fatal for the server resources.

This fact is generally forgotten by a PHP developer. The include_once() and require_once() sucks up the server resources if used with  a huge framework. Therefore, in order to become a successful PHP developer, planyour code efficiently so that they are not needed at all.

  1. Create a single configuration file.

Creating a single configuration file can be useful in becoming a successful PHP developer by maintaining the data of your application into a single file. Instead of keeping the database connection settings scattered in the database, it always recommended to keep it safe in a single configuration file.

Creating a configuration file is similar to creating a master file that contains the settings and accordingly include them in all the PHP scripts that are used in the application. If any changes are made in the settings then changes are required only the configuration instead of numerous files. Thus, creating a single configuration file in your application brings you a step closer in becoming a successful PHP developer.

  1. Use comments but never over-comment.

Using comments to document the code is helpful for the developer when he revisits the code or a third person who is reading the code. But over-commenting is never preferred. It is not important to comment each and every line of the code, only the major blocks of the code should be commented which helps in better understanding of the code. A successful PHP developer always use comments and in appropriate amount.

  1. Error report should be turned on.

The error reporting functions such as error_reporting and display_errors can be kept on during development. The error reporting functions help in detecting the run time errors which might eventually occur.

The main reason behind turning on these functions is that you will know of the probable errors way in advance and the errors can be fixed beforehand. When the developing stage of the application is done, the error reporting should be turned off.

  1. Use PHP frameworks.

Usage of PHP frameworks by The PHP developers is very beneficial. Some developers might not believe this, but once you are well versed with the working of API of frameworks, you will get to know all the benefits provided by them.

The PHP frameworks helps you to become a successful PHP developer as they help sharing the code later to other developers. Therefore, to become a successful PHP developer, you should use PHP frameworks as they provide standardized platform to develop web applications.

  1. Know the project.

The basic purpose of the project that you are working on should be known. The developer should understand the project very well before building it. This helps in creating a better application. Hence, to become a successful developer always understand the project beforehand.

To become a successful PHP developer you need to practice coding in PHP as much as you can. A developer should be well versed in coding himself and not learn by reading or watching someone else code.

The mentioned points should be kept in mind by a PHP developer in order to create a good application and become a successful PHP developer. If a developer follows the above mentioned points then he has already become a successful PHP developer.

The most important thing is that one should have interest in what one is doing, half of the work is done here. Then be well versed about it and follow the given points. If all this is kept in mind, one has already become a successful PHP developer.

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