Php is a server scripting programming language used by web developers to design a particular website. It is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf way back in 1994. Originally, php is abbreviated as Personal Home Page. But due to the advancement and several changes it undergone, it is now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

It enables a web developer to manipulate with the design aspects of a website which may include web content, web templates and web frameworks by using it in combination with them.

Later in 1998, a php mascot has been developed which is an elephant. It is blue in colour and is written in a quite different manner as elePHPant.


The question often arises that What is php development? It simply means the process of developing or designing a website by using the php programming language. In order to perform this function, a web developer or a php programmer is needed. It is as simple as that.

The websites based on php language are dynamic which means it enables the users to perform different activities at the same time. The earlier programming languages have limited advantages. Most of them being static, you can perform a single task at a time. This limitation led to the evolution of a future language that is php programming language.

Php is the most widely used language at the present time with over 25 million php based websites and other platforms. Some of the popular websites based on php language are Facebook, Wikipedia, Word Press, Yahoo! etc.


With the growth of php development over the past few years, the career opportunities for php developers has been increased. There are a lot of websites in the world which demands highly skilled php programmers to have a better web content and layout in order to attract the first time visitors to the website and finally make them permanent visitors.

As most of the websites in the world are based on php programming language, it means more number of php developers would be required to functionalize the website and make it even better than before.

One more thing that has been fascinating the web developers to learn php programming language is that it is open source and as a matter of fact it enables a web developer to manipulate its functionality whenever needed. It also provides free licensing, one can download and install php tools for free.


To be a php developer, you must have the knowledge of C and C++ and on the top of it you should have the basic understanding of object oriented programming which is used to build a database. A bachelor’s degree in either computer science engineering or computer programming is an essential barometer to be a php developer. However, a normal graduation with a php certification can work too.

There are several websites on the internet which provides online learning material that helps a learner to understand the basic concepts of php programming language without taking offline classes in a php training institute.

If you are a computer science engineer, then it will be very easy for you to learn php language as you have already learned different programming languages previously such as C, C++, Java, Oop etc which are very essential.

Php is a very simple language and very easy to learn. A person from different career background who want to switch as a web developer can also learn this language. There are a number of training institutes where he can take admission and learn php programming language to build his own website or to seek a job in this field.


If you posses quality and have skills you will never get defeated as far as a successful career is concerned. Having the knowledge and curiosity, not only you can design a website but also you can develop several applications for the mobile phones.

Freelancing is another option for a php developer to make a lot of money. It gives you freedom to work independently without any corporate pressure.

There are a lot of web development companies in the market who needs php programmers to create and design websites for their consumers. In a nutshell, there is a huge scope for php programmers in the future to work in an organization or to work independently.


It is obvious that when you start your career as a fresher, you will not be paid a high salary in any organization. If we talk about the salary of a php developer as fresher, it will be around 12k to 15k per month.

But as you become more experienced with the growth of some extra skills, you will definitely able to earn around 50k to 90k per month. It may vary according to different organization and your skills.


We have already talked about the php development and career prospects as a php developer. Now we are going to make you familiar with different type of organisations that hire php developers to build and recreate the design of websites and applications according to the need of their consumers.

  1. E-commerce companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Ebay, etc.
  2. Web Development Companies like TIS India etc.
  3. Freelance Companies like elance.com, 99designs.com, oncontract.com etc.
  4. Several Digital Marketing companies.

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