Join Our Advanced WordPress training program in Gurgaon for learn all the basic and advanced functionality to create dynamic websites and blogs using WordPress. Our Complete WordPress training is based on live project to provide more practical exposure and deep understanding of WordPress functionality.

WordPress is php based most popular and used CMS, its fully customized feature make it popular over other php based applications and CMS. WordPress was starting with blogging platform but now lot’s of online platforms with different functionality are based WordPress. WordPress sites are most seo friendly and easy to rank in search engines and it’s php based customization help it to become popular application across the development field.

WordPress Course Contents in Gurgaon

Introduction to WordPress and It’s Features

  • What is WordPress ?
  • Different flavors of WordPress ( vs.
  • Difference between WordPress blog & website.
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Upload WordPress in Local System for Test environment

  • What is Local Server for WordPress
  • Install using XAMPP Server
  • Web Server, FTP and WordPress Login
  • Dashboard in local server
  • Profile in WordPress

Posts, Pages and Comments in WordPress

  • Difference Between Posts and Pages
  • Add a post.
  • Add a Page
  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Using Categories and Tags
  • Previewing and Editing Posts
  • Previewing and Editing Pages
  • Page and post Hierarchy.
  • Comments and their usage.
  • Removing Comments from page and post templates.
  • Controlling Spam Comments.

Media in WordPress

  • Upload Images, PDF and other media data in WordPress.
  • Adding Media Images Into posts and pages.
  • Embedding videos into posts and pages.
  • Managing media files
  • Adding images in sidebar.

Appearance Section and It’s Usage in WordPress

  • Uploading and customizing theme.
  • Importance of WordPress themes.
  • Difference between free and paid themes.
  • Check theme before installation with live preview.
  • Role of Widgets and adding in sidebar and footer section of theme.
  • Role of menu, creating menu for different locations.
  • Theme options and vary with every new theme.
  • Customize Theme with your own design using editor section.
  • Add Custom PHP and CSS through theme editor.

Plugins in WordPress

  • What are plugins and their role.
  • How to add new plugins as per your requirements.
  • Some necessary plugin and their configuration
  • Free and premium plugin

Users and Tools Management

  • Adding a New User
  • Assign Roles and Capabilities.
  • Allow and disallow new users to register with your website
  • Use tools to import and export your complete website

Manage  Settings Section of WordPress Admin Area

  • Setup General setting correctly.
  • Writing setting setup.
  • Manage Reading setting
  • Discussion setting and it’s role.
  • Media setting.
  • Permalinks setting

Installing and Configuration of Important Plugins.

  • Some Important SEO plugin Configuration.
  • Security plugins setup.
  • Contact form
  • Some other important plugins setup.
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