Web Designing Course in Gurgaon

Web Designing Course in Gurgaon

  • In-Hand Live Website Designing Projects.
  • 100% Job Guarantee for Deserving Students.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee Within 3 Session.
  • Micro-Batches, Personal Attention for Individuals.
  • Professional Trainer having 14+ Years of Experience.

Join Our Web Designing Course in Gurgaon and learn the process of creating webpages using graphic and programming languages like HTML/CSS and others. Having a website is the first step of online presence for any small and large business.

But a good looking design of a website differentiates whether a customer is going to like your website, spend time there or he/she should exit the website.Therefore, people all over the world are striving to learn this interesting & important skill.

Every business which available online need a web designer to create web layouts and maintain it with new products, services, look and feel. If business is available on large scale they need their own team to perform these tasks and if business is small scale they hire web designing company to manage there site.

People who have lot’s of creative ideas and can implement theses ideas on their web work have greater opportunity in this field. Now Every month millions of domains are registered over the internet and they all need a unique look and feel as their nature of business. During the Website Designing training you will learn all the key concept used to make a website which meet to business needs.

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Web Designing Trainer

Neeraj Aneja web designing trainer

Neeraj Has more than 16 years of experience in the field of UI/UX field. He has worked with with various major brands like IndiaMart, FashionandYou, Yatra.com, FSC Software solutions etc . His experties are in Complete UI Process which include web design and development.

What You Will Learn in Web Designing Course

Photoshop Training

Photoshop Training

Photoshop is used for creating graphics for webpages, creating web-layouts and mock-ups. You will learn every basic and advanced part of Photoshop necessary for web designers.

HTML-5 Training

HTML-5 Training

HTML is basic and necessary web programming for creating web pages, in our advanced web designing course we cover both html and html-5 with latest tags and attributes support for all browsers.

CSS Training

CSS Training

CSS is very important in web designing to arrange the webpage in proper manner and in different division. During this course you will learn both CSS and CSS-3 with advanced animation and transition property

Java Script Training

Java Script Training

It’s client side scripting language help to perform dynamic functionality like loading another webpages inside a page and validate the calculation and other part of webpages without taking help of server.

jQuery Training

jQuery Training

jQuery is library of scripting language and very helpful for develop webpages within low time period and high quality of working with less errors. You will learn all the basics of jQuery used for web designers.



Dreamweaver is web designing and development software for create webpages and applications with fast instant coding and ftp integration . It help to design webpages and put them quickly on server, you learn how to use it’s features



Know how to create psd files and convert them into web page using html/css. You will learn from scratch with creating psd files using Photoshop for particular web templates and then convert them into html/css page



Now a days responsive designing is demand of industry , with increase the mobile and tablet users you must have to know how to design responsive webpages which fit to all devices. We also add responsive framework bootstrap with responsive features in our training.

Web Designing Students Work

Batch Images

Course Benefits

Our Complete Web Designing Course is based on live projects for high practical exposure. There is no limit of topics , you can learn as much deep you want to learn. But below is the overview of course, which you are going to learn during the training program.

Scope after completing web designing course?

  • Can join any web designing company and start your career through Job.
  • Can take web designing projects through freelancing platforms and become full time web designer.
  • After complete this course you may start your own web designing company.
  • Web designing is also helpful if you have own business and need website with regular updates, it may help for your own business also.
  • Learn more about career after web designing course in India.

Who Can Join Web designing Course?

  • Anyone who is looking to build his/her career in web technology can join this course.
  • Professionals looking to switch their career in web designing can also enroll.
  • Fresher students who have complete their graduation or diploma also can join this course.

Qualification required for Join Web Designing Course?

  • For Join this course you don’t have to required any specific education qualification, everything you have to required is passion to learn, creativity, good understanding of computer and English.
  • Anyone who have complete 10+2 , BCA, BBA, M.SC, B.Tech or any type of graduation person can join this course.

Why career in Web designing ?

Web design is not limited to course, it’s an art and anyone can join this course for make their future through jobs or start freelancing work or can open their own web designing company.

Now a days millions of domains are registered every day and billions are available on the web. Every new domain need to look and feel differently as per business requirements and this look and feel is provided by web designers.

It’s not limited to only new domain’s , every old websites need to change according to trends for more make it users friendly and awesome look, for perform these task well skilled web designers are needed and this is growing industry which will never stop in future.

Everything is getting automatic daily with new inventions in technology. But design is the thing which will be in demand always. Your career will be safe in web designing as compared to some other jobs like testing which are now performed by the machines itself. The factor which supports the always future of graphic designing is that it requires human creatives and ideas which makes it never ending career opportunity.

Why Join W3TS for Web designing Course in Gurgaon

  • Highly rated course content which meet the industry requirements.
  • Only Industry expert will teach you, no fresher or low skilled trainers.
  • Trainers are working as UI/UX head in Yepme.com and IndiaMart having 14+ years of experience in same field.
  • Weekdays and weekends classes are available, join as per your suitable time period.
  • Complete training is based on live projects, get real working experience and sharp your skills.
  • Free eBooks, necessary software’s and tools.
  • Learn with latest coding and software used in industry.
  • 100% Placement Assistance and Job Guarantee for deserving candidates.

Photoshop is single module of advanced web designing course and help to cover the graphic part of web designing. Photoshop is most usable and advanced photo editing software and used to design new images and perform editing with other images and provide new look as per requirement.

Photoshop is used for perform lot’s of task and very large software for deep learner, but in this training program we only include all the necessary thing must required for any web designers for create website layouts, mockups and design landing page layouts and perform other image editing part.

Our Process for Photoshop Training

For provide the best practical exposure to our students we provide in hand projects to become expert of this field. During the course you will create lot’s of mock-up and go through all difficulties and work and improve them with instruction of trainer. We provide scheduled assignment and projects for check your skills level and improve them during the course and make you perfect web designing expert.

What you will learn in this Photoshop training program

  • Photoshop  Interface
  • Overview of tools
  • Toolbar options in different formats.
  • Zoom In and Out, Canvas layout and mask overview.
  • Different types of color modes and type in Photoshop.
  • Files, Resizing, Rotating, Flopping and extensions.
  • Image Optimization, rename, resize and delete and save files.
  • customize document, crop, trimming and background layer
  • Undo, History, Preference layer, states and setting.
  • Layer locking, Movement, labeling and transparency
  • Different type of Marquee Tools
  • Selection, grouping and it’s movement
  • Levels, Brightness, Contrast, RGB Levels
  • Hue and saturation ration and implementation.
  • Color picking, editing and other color tools.
  • Blur, sharpen and dodge tools usage over the images.
  • Burn, Eraser, Saturate, Desaturate tools.
  • Healing Brush, patch and other all necessary tools used in Photoshop for editing images.
  • Gradient, Mask, transformation, Shape and filters in Photoshop.
  • Liquefy, Screen, dissolve and other effects in Photoshop
  • Stroke, pasting, blending and patch effects in Photoshop.

Role of Photoshop in Web Designing Course

  • Photoshop helps Ui/UX Designers to prepare web layouts.
  • It’s helps to create attractive logos.
  • Creating web-layouts using Photoshop is easy to portable or converting png and jpg files.
  • In Web Designing Converting Graphic layouts into html/CSS is very easy and reliable.
  • More that 90% of web desining layouts are make through Photoshop

HTML and HTML-5 training

HTML is single module of our complete Web designing course and it’s most important language. This is first and basic language to create WebPages. In this advanced html course we will cover all the basic html4 and advanced HTML-5 coding by working on live projects and design WebPages with help of html coding.

You will learn by implementing all tags and element by implementing on live project for sharp your skills in HTML language to build any type of webpages.

  • HTML Introduction
  • File Extensions
  • Documents Type
  • Head and meta tags
  • Basic Tags
  • Elements in HTML
  • Attributes
  • H tags
  • Formatting
  • Inserting Styles in HTML
  • Links
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Forms
  • Frames
  • Iframes
  • Using Colors in different places

HTML-5 topics we will cover in this training

  • HTML-5 Introduction
  • List of new html Elements
  • Video tags and format types
  • Audio tags, formats and browser comparability.
  • Canvas and canvas elements
  • HTML-5 Form and Input Types, elements and attributes.

You will learn everything about HTML and HTML-5 while joining our web designing institute in Gurgaon from scratch to expert level.


CSS  stand for cascade style sheet and used to arrange web pages in proper look and feel. You will also learn responsive web designing in complete course for arrange your single webpage design in multi devices like Desktop, Tablet and smartphones.

What you will learn in CSS and CSS-3 Course

  • CSS introduction
  • File extensions and syntax
  • ID, Class and their usage.
  • Inline, Internal and external insertion of CSS
  • How to change Background color
  • Inserting background image
  • Create repeat property in background.
  • Adjusting background position through css.
  • Styling text, Fonts, Link, Lists and tables.
  • Borders and their types in css.
  • Outline padding and margin.
  • Dimension property like Height and width.
  • Display element in css.
  • Floating and align.
  • Image and other image editing tags.
  • CSS, Attribute, media type
  • Mouseover effects

Topic we will cover in CSS-3

  • Introduction to css-3 and tags used in css3
  • Different type of browsers and their versions for support CSS3
  • Border Image, Shadow and radius.
  • Different type of background property.
  • New CSS-3 Text and Font effects
  • 2D and 3D Transforms
  • Transitions property
  • Animation and its different effect.
  • Different type of user interfaces in css-3

Our CSS training is not limited to course content you will work on real project and learn lot’s of techniques used to arrange the css for build beautiful webpages. After Joining Our Web designing training institute in Gurgaon you can learn everything about Designing pages using cascade style sheet.


Dreamweaver training is part of our advanced web designing course in Gurgaon city, it help to provide designing skills to the next level with easy to code and generating required interface for any type of web layouts.

What you will cover in Dreamweaver Course

  • Knowing the Dreamweaver Interface
  • Selecting workspace for web layouts
  • Different type of document windows and toolbars
  • Toolbars and their usage
  • Insert panel
  • Layout launcher
  • File and  property inspector
  • Static and floating panels
  • How to use contextual menus

Websites Control in Dreamweaver

  • Choosing and defining a web layout
  • Project file and folder management
  • Generate site maps
  • How to use file browser
  • How to create a site from scratch using Dreamweaver

Learn from Basics

  • How to define the site
  • Know how to create and save html/css docs.
  • Learn to inserting images using assets panel
  • Learn how to insert and editing text in different formats.
  • How to setup proper alignment of web layouts.
  • How to modifying web page properties
  • How to create image links
  • Using meta tags in page
  • How to check preview of web-page in different browsers

Create different types of Link in Dreamweaver

  • Creating hyper links
  • Pointing files
  • Linking to source files
  • Email and file links
  • Creating image map

Typography in Dreamweaver

  • HTML  text formatting for layouts
  • Different type of font lists
  • Text alignment with different adjustment
  • Listing html items with disk, square and numbers.
  • Different type of color schemes
  • Tables and inserting content objects in tables.
  • Modifying table and it’s data.
  • Create hybrid data table
  • Insertion and sorting of data.
  • Simple rollover – swap image behavior
  • Multiple-event rollovers
  • Using flash buttons

Working with CSS

  • Defining and redefining css tags
  • CSS selectors and attributes
  • CSS selectors to group tags
  • Internal and external CSS linking
  • CSS panel

Working with Coding part in Web Designing Course

  • Creating and editing with code view
  • Multiple code view options
  • Quick code and tags hints for html and programming.
  • Attribute hints for html/css and other programming language.
  • Working with cleanup HTML Word.
  • Working with W3 code  validater
  • Learn the quick form objects
  • Creating and editing forms and fields
  • Generating  jump menu
  • Using browser options and their behavior.
  • Working with extensions.
  • Copy / paste and other history panel
  • Learn to create web photo albums

Templates and Library Items

  • Using different templates in action
  • Learn to create / modify web templates
  • How to use library
  • Creating and modifying library items

How to Insert Media Objects

  • How to link sound files
  • Embedding sound files inside web page
  • Using flash content
  • How to use QuickTime movie in a page.

Make website online using Dreamweaver

  • Using Dreamweaver FTP client
  • How to put all files on server.
  • Uploading and downloading files from server

PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion training is single module of advanced web designing course in Gurgaon. Provide a professional working process to your web designing process and easily convert PSD mock-ups into a live html/css webpage.

Give a hassle free start to your web designing career  with fast performance and avoid re-editing headache through mockup to HTML conversion course.

Before designing website in Html / CSS coding we use make a design of webpage in Photoshop, It help to make any website without any extra editing and confusion. It’s good idea to create a mock-up design for website for client and approve the mockup then convert your PSD design into HTML/CSS template, otherwise clients will increase your work efforts by making extra editing again and again.

PSD to HTML Conversion Training Course Content

  • Introduction to psd to html/css conversion
  • Need of psd to web layout conversion
  • Developing site map
  • Learn how to access the working files
  • Choosing psd colors and fonts
  • Selecting image size and resolution
  • Navigation in psd mockup
  • Placeholders and transparency
  • Introduction to slice layout
  • Saving psd layout
  • Organize files
  • Converting placeholders into div and elements tags
  • Creating new stylesheet
  • Arranging slices with stylesheets
  • Adding hyperlinks of different pages
  • Checking preview of sites
  • Testing converting layouts
  • Using Comments for easy understanding.
  • PSD to responsive website conversion.
  • PSD to WordPress.
  • PSD to Email Template.
  • Check Browser Compatibility.

What is responsive web designing ?

Ans- With increase the usage of internet usage on mobile devices, it’s very important for any website they must be responsive, means in desktop they open like a desktop website and when users open the website in mobile devices they must be change their shape as per mobile for better user experience.

After announcing of Google include responsive design as a factor for SEO, most of business website converting from their regular design to responsive or available with mirror version of site with mobile sub-domain. Our complete web designing course also cover responsive designing part without any additional charges.

What is SEO in Web designing Course ?

Ans- SEO stands for search engine optimization and we include basics of seo in this course for make sites search engine friendly for company or their clients.

What I can Pay the Web designing Course Fee in installments ?

Ans- yes, we understand the difficulties of financial problems and offers to pay in two easy installments for our students without any additional charges.

What’s there is any job guarantee after completing my web designing training?

Ans- We are connected with lot’s of recruiters in Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR area and provide interview of our all fresher students during 75% completing of their course.

But we never take 100% guarantee, because all students are not perform equally and show their interested, But for hardworking students we always prefer to provide job before completion of their course.

What’s the Money back procedure if want to leave the training ?

Here we are not to play with students career, if somehow you are not interested to complete your web designing course from W3training School you may ask for 100% money back guarantee within 3 days of joining or 50% money back fee when leave within 7 days on joining.

Which Type of Certificate I will Get after completing web designing Course from your Institute ?

To get full benefit of your hard work, you will get certificate of web designing course with all features in both hard copy and soft copy, your certificate will live with your name and registration number and your projects build during the training.


Is W3TS Provide Web Designing Training Online ?

No, Currently we provide training in Gurgaon for professionals and freshers. We work like a real industry and it’s impossible to provide that type of real practical exposure through online study. So currently we have In-Class training program in Gurgaon City and may be we can upgrade for online classes in future, More about web designing course in najafgarh.

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