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Join Advanced SEO training Institute in Gurgaon Work on live website and learn how to rank webpages on first page of google.

  • Complete seo training is based on live website
  • Learn from SEO expert with deep analyses and in hand projects
  • Flexible batches, available on Weekdays and Weekends.
  • Unlimited Learning, learn until you don’t get experties.
  • Special SEO training program for business owners with personal assistance.

Looking for best seo training institute in gurgaon which can help you to learn search engine optimization skills from scratch to expert level.Then feel free to join Our advanced seo training program which fit to requirements of students, working professionals and business owners. Our in-hand live project base seo training program make us unique from other seo training institute in Gurgaon and help students to learn things with more practical exposure.

SEO is a techniques which used to optimize website or webpages for improve performance in organic search results. It’s one of most demanded and profitable online marketing techniques for any business or website to reach their their potential customers through out the search engine results.

SEO training is one of most important module of our advanced digital marketing course, but as per business owners and working professional requirements seo classes are also available.

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Small Batch Sizes

W3training School Digital Marketing weekend-batches
  • For your better understanding.
  • For providing you quality education.
  • For establishing good interaction with the trainer.
  • For troubleshooting your queries.
  • For increasing your comfortability area.
  • For inducing the knowledge with good effectiveness.
  • For enhancing your experience with us.
  • For keeping you away from the crowd.

What We Will Cover In SEO Training

Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

Our SEO training will start with market research, competitor analyses and road map for seo campaign for particular product/services.

Optimize Site Structure

Optimize Site Structure

Learn how to make site structure that love by search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

On- Page Optimization

On- Page Optimization

Learn all the major factor in On-Page optimization, Search engine consider for high rank in SERP results.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Off- Page optimization, Search engine consider to rank better in SERP

Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization

Learn Local SEO and ranking factors and it’s importance for local businesses

Google Search Algorithm

Google Search Algorithm

Learn with google latest search engine algorithms (Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird) with latest updates

Learn SEO With Deep Analysis and In Hand Projects

Our Complete SEO training is based on live projects for practical exposure and deep understanding. During the training we provide fresh website and you have to learn through ranking this site for particular keywords.

Practical exposure will help you to build a confidence for rank any keywords and understanding the actual SEO terms, functionality and behavior in search engine.

Our complete seo training in Gurgaon is based on latest search optimization trends and practical exposure. Lear from search engine leaders with latest working trends in this market and know which things work better and how they can help you to optimize your site on first page


  • W3training School is one of the best institutes to learn SEO. I was working as IT executive for past 3years and looking for SEO training to enhance my working profile. After attending demo session in few institutes I finally joined W3Training School for SEO programme as they have separate batches for working professional as well as trainers are highly experience. Training support was very friendly and supportive. I am so happy to get expertise on SEO.

  • I found W3training School a tremendous and pioneer learning institute for SEO. W3training School provided a strategic and tactical direction to expert SEO. I loved the passion and energy of W3training School faculties for teaching. Timing are quite flexible and separate batches for working professional is also one of the reason I must suggest every working professional to go for SEO training if looking to get expertise on SEO.

    Madhukar Modi
    Madhukar Modi Earth Infrastructure

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After completing seo training you have step forwards for bright future and it’s will be remain until websites and internet is present.

Now with increase the usage of Internet In India it’s become necessary for every business to present online with good reputation and position.

SEO Program is one of important part of Digital marketing course and it’s value is more than 70% in overall internet marketing industry.

So after complete seo Course from our institute you will not only able to work on mnc company but also will confident to rank any highly conversion-able keyword for first position and generate more leads for any type of business.

Your future is not limited to the job, after good understanding of seo you can start your own business and generate more leads for your own business.

Importance of SEO Training for businesses

Now online presence is very important for every small and large enterprises and seo play key role to reach business presence to potential customers across the internet and help to increase business visibility, leads and sales.

When Business is online does’t matter in which city your customers are finding you, SEO  makes it easily find-able in from Gurgaon and other parts of world. Your online presence will help you to find out across the world with help of internet.

Business can reach their potential customers either organic presence or paid advertising. SEO training is very important for online businesses, it play an important role to found business through organic results as compare to other paid source of target customers.

  1. SEO Results are cost effective:- SEO help Businesses to generate leads through organic search results, means you have to pay nothing.
  2. Most Trustworthy :- Users more trust on organic search results as compare to paid results and conversion ratio of organic results are more as compare to paid results, until paid results are not of any brand.
  3. Higher CTR as compare to paid results:- Organic results always gain higher CTR as compare to paid results, so they are very useful for every business. If you are business owners seo training can help you to broad your business from gurgaon to all part of world, where internet exist.


  • Any small and large scale business owner who is looking for increase sales and leads through good search engine results.
  • Who is looking for become a professional blogger and want to bring lot’s of traffic and looking for reach your blog on next level.
  • Who is looking for making a career as a SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Expert in Industry.
  • Affiliate Marketer, who is looking for increase affiliate website or affiliate business.


W3training School provide SEO Training in Gurgaon with advanced features and supports for trainee’s those can help to be expert in search engine optimization techniques. We provide lifetime Free updated classes to our all Ex students and help then to stay updated with new features in SEO.

  • Professional SEO Experts Trainer, no hired faculty.
  • Complete seo training is based on live projects.
  • Flexible Timing, choose the time best suits with your busy schedule.
  • Lowest fee in the same industry with high quality training level.
  • Lifetime Free Support and Retake classes for future updates or in case of any doubt.
  • Personalize training for every students. No batches of multiple students.
  • We provide hand’s on practice to our students with real projects.
  • Free E-Book for self study.
  • 100% job Assistance Program.
  • Daily Assignment base training for individuals .
Course Benefits


As world is growing toward Digitalization, future of online business and experts who can manage online presence are demanded in growing country like India.

SEO is most demanded online marketing technique which help businesses to generate high profitable visibility and leads.

As the method of advertisement are shifting from traditional (Newspaper, radio, television etc) to digital companies are investing more and more in building their strong online presence and generate organic results.

Our advanced SEO training in Gurgaon make you to work in challenging environment and help businesses to achieve their goals through organic reach.

With rapidly increase of online business competition every business need to be present strongly over the web to grow their business and every industry need highly skilled professional in huge quantity.

Why Companies need SEO specialists

There was a time when SEO was just considered as guideline to create a website and developed need to follow it for creating website but now these days SEO includes lots of activities to generate quality results.

As the numbers of website are increasing and business is also getting generated online everyone is talking organic result very seriously and need someone experts to manage their website.

SEO is a never ending process companies need to keep working on SEO to maintain their position.

Why Companies Invest in SEO

In order to generate business online you company need to spend lots of money on online promotion and advertisements whereas SEO generated organic results and are cost effective.

Thus is so simple generating higher ROI is the main reason to choose this field and companies love to hire students who complete their SEO training from w3training school with live websites raking in search engines.

Carrier benefits as SEO

  • Creative and experimental carrier – Carrier as SEO is full of experiments and creativity. Our SEO training is a mix up of art and technicality to make students industry leader.
  • Lots of Learning – SEO need to keep their knowledge updated as search engines working process and algorithms keeps changing time to time. Every day you will be learning something and gain more experience implementing those thing. Our SEO training prepare students to upgrade their skills and knowledge over the time.
  • SEO is a recognized carrier – As CCNA and MSCE are recognised carrier same with SEO, Google and Microsoft had already mentioned that SEO training is also major working guideline on which search engines works.
  • SEO professional makes good money – SEO professional earn quite good amount of money. As your experience grow you get more expose. As SEO is a mix up of analytics and technicality SEO are good in analysis and play major role in business analysis.
  • Freedom of work – As a SEO professional you can also work as freelancer get paid more as freelancing consultant.

Companies where SEO is needed

  • Almost every company who have their website need an SEO to manage their online activities. Major demand of SEO experts are in company who sell their products online ( Ecommerce ) Advertising company, Marketing consultant, Big online portals to maintain their online position and updating their position.
  • As the world is getting more digital each and every company need to maintain their brand image and position online so demand of trained SEO experts are in booming phase and will keep growing.
  • Companies with online business models are doing SEO from past many years but as more and more companies are rolling on online business they are demanding more and more SEO experts to have a grip on their position.
  •  New businesses Idea are also getting explored and need to promote and make a brand image online. As more and more online business are getting start-ups need of SEO is generated.

SEO could be a good entrepreneur

As we know setting online business needs lots of knowledge how to setup business online, how to make an effective presence and all.

SEO experts have lots of experience about online market research as well as how to setup business presence online.

Gaining experience after complete seo training improves knowledge of business process , Know more about our  Specific SEO training program for Training Institutes .

SEO career opportunities for students

SEO have bright career opportunity for students who want to make their future in field of online marketing.

With increase in demand of internet users every small and large businesses switch offline to online marketing, also check seo training in dehradun.

Every company need seo professional who can help their business websites to rank on top of organic search results with search query of potential customers.

After completing our advanced seo training you can be easily hired by any organization who need of professionals for manage their organic search results and improve them on regular bases.

When it comes to online marketing SEO is one of most demanded techniques that help businesses, that why we provide specific SEO training for Business Owners which help them to find by potential customers and increase their sales.

It’s highly demanded then other online marketing skills due to it’s encourage traffic to website without any extra spends of users as compare to other paid marketing solutions.



SEO is way or technique, which is used to optimize website / WebPages in search engine for relative search queries and help businesses to bring customers through search engine results like (Google, Bing, yahoo, Ask….). SEO is very important for small and large business to reach their potential clients.

There are so many businesses present with same service or product and everyone want to get on top of first page for most conversion-able keywords. But first page of google contain only 10 search results and only three top results are most clickable and helpful for conversions.

In our seo classes you will learn how to grab that first position for any keywords and convert your visitors into leads, all search engine change their algorithm on regular bases, so our complete seo training is available with latest technologies those work today.


Ans. If you have take complete advanced digital marketing course then you have multiple job options but if your just complete SEO training then you may get job as SEO Executive, Research Executive or Search Analysis as a fresher.

But that’s not fix with SEO profile your job responsibilities vary with recruitment company requirements, sometime it’s change with team size of organization.


Ans. Our SEO training help bloggers to reach their article, post and news blogs to unlimited users across the globe using search engines. Most of time bloggers start writing for earn part time with adsense or affiliate, but sometime people write their personal things as a passion.

So who are willing to earn big with their blog first requirement in website traffic and seo is only one thing which can give an extra height to their blog.

Bloggers can know how to write content user friendly as well as search engine friendly, they can easily target their preferred audience and increase blog traffic and revenue.

Most of bloggers create outstanding content and google love them but still they may take several years to reach the audience without optimize with search engine requirements.


Ans. Most of time fresher students have no more idea’s about how seo training with live website works and important for deep understanding and practical exposure and most of time they ask this question.

SEO can’t be learn by reading books and watching video’s until you don’t work on real projects and observe the things how they work and effect your organic ranking. You will understand importance of seo training by working on live projects after completing your course.

So our seo training start with live website, we provide a fresh new any product or business website to out students and they work on it by implement all the techniques during training and rank it for particular search queries. Complete work will done with trainer assistance, you will also learn how to make audit and monthly reporting sheets in company.


Ans. Small business owners always want to be a big businessman and reach out their presence across the world throughout the internet. After complete SEO training for business owners in Gurgaon they easily can reach the potential customers through organic search results, who are looking for services or products they provide to the customers.


Ans. We know search engines change their algorithm over time and for seo people it’s very important to updated with new things. So we provide lifetime support for our students through in class training in weekends or by updated blogs regarding to new updates in market.


Ans. Yes, Most of time business owners and bloggers working on their own site and we welcome to learn with your own website and learn with real time performance.


Ans. Our complete training in based on live projects but theoretical knowledge is also an important so we provide eBooks, Videos and updated blog post direct to their Inbox for update them with all necessary things to update our students for increase their awareness about seo.


Ans.  When students complete their seo training in gurgaon and looking for job in same field we provide all assistance they need like interview prepration and scheduling in our partners and companies who ask for candidate in same field.

We have large list of recruiters in gurgaon and ncr area, but your selection is based on your organic search results.

We never foreword our students resume but send projects details during the course and your results, which help hardworking students as soon as possible.

We never take 100% job guarantee, if you perform better we will place on our partner company or others , We don’t need intelligent students, but we need hardworking students and make you expert of seo.

We are the best seo training institute in gurgaon for students and professionals who are looking to learn advanced organic search optimization techniques by working with live websites.Means you implement everything learn in class with real time projects and observe the change in SERP performance and stand yourself on top of industry, our institute’s practical approach helps you to build confidence for manage any large projects in company. We also provide seo training in faridabad and you may also join our seo training institute is available on Najafgarh-gurgaon road and we also provide seo training in delhi area through 3 day workshop. our regular seo classes are conduct on gurgaon institute.


  • Hi am a teacher and writes online blogs. I have seen several videos and pages on internet that people earn money through blogging. After doing lots of research I found I need to have strong SEO knowledge to make my blog more popular and earn money with Google Adsense. I searched for SEO training institute in Gurgaon and found W3training School most relevant for me. Now I know the tactics of Search engine optimization and implementing those techniques in my blog as and getting more visitors than earlier as well as other ways of earning money online.

    Deepak Verma
    Deepak Verma Quality Studies
  • I own a travel agency in Gurgaon and get’s most of my business online. I was fully dependent on others for my website SEO and spending lots of money monthly. I decided to learn SEO myself so that I can manage my website and generate good results online. I came to know about W3training School from one of my friend who got trained on SEO there and managing his portal himself, Training session at W3training School was very interacting and gained lots of technical knowledge. I must recommend W3training School to everyone who wants to learn SEO.

    Ashwini Singh
    Ashwini Singh
  • It was pleasure learning SEO at W3Training School. After completing my graduation in computer science I was looking for some technical course to make my job hunt easier in IT field. After searching a lot over internet I finally decided to learn SEO as there are endless opportunity in this field. I joined W3training School after searching lots of institution they trained me very well and assisted me as well getting job in SEO. A big thank to W3training School to guide me very well.

    Shiv Ramuka
    Shiv Ramuka
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