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Meet the Python Trainer

Darshan Python Trainer

Mr. Darshan Manku is a scholar from IIT, New Delhi and is a co-founder of MakeByz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
18+ years of Experience in consulting, Managing and Technical Development makes him a great source of Knowledge.

Mr. Darshan has been indulged in Training and Consulting in Python, Java, A.I.(artificial intelligence) and M.L(machine learning) for almost 15 years and, his passion for training which stems from his strong background of mentoring startups and Larger teams makes him the best faculty available for the training.

Mr. Darshan Mentoring some of the International Brands in Diverse industries like Logistics, Supply Chain, Airlines, Banks, Education, Gaming, and HR gets him in front foot of almost every industry

Python is an open source programming language and can be run on any environment and operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac os etc. Python training increase your programming efficiency and you can write function using less coding compare to other programming language.

Python programming increase the readability of code and helps to write small as well as large and complex function. Python programming is used to write scripting programs as well as non scripting programs. Python programming language has a vast library and facilitates programmers developing any program easily.

Our Python Training Process

Introduction to Python

Learn basics of server side scripting language designed for web based application.

Learn Python Programming

Lean Python Programming Syntax and logics and maths of programming to make your progeamming skill effective.

Python Configuration

Configuring Python in Different use,  Cloud hosting, Web page creation

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Looking for Python training in Gurgaon? Python is an interpreted high-level Object Oriented Programming language which is used for quick application developments. Python programming can be integrated with any system more effectively & also easy to use.Python-Training-in-Gurgaon


Why Python training?

Python programming language in becoming extremely popular now a day and demand of Python developer is increasing day by day. It has become one of the fastest growing languages. Python programming language is open source programming language and considered as secured programming language. It has become the first choice for developers to develop mobile and web applications.

  • Python programming language is easy to learn
  • Python programming code is easy to read and write
  • Demanding programming skill today.
  • Python supports testing also.
  • High paying job as python developer in IT industry.
  • Python is most demanded for AI(Artificial Intelligence).
  • Python is also used in Big Data.

Who should attend Python Training?

  • Fresher’s students who want to learn python scripting skills
  • Software developer who want to enhance their skill to next level
  • Software testing professional who want to python based automation testing.
  • Network engineers and administrators who need to use python to automate large network.
  • Fresher IT graduate who want to start their IT career with Python programming
  • Web Developers
  • Mobile testing professionals
  • Database administrator and programmer.

Utilization of Python Programming

  • Python for System Engineers – Python programming plays important role in system admin thus learning python is must for programming language for system engineers. System administration job is challenging and need powerful scripting to make their task easier. Python programming and function helps to manage and monitor running process and provides updates, stats, configure and troubleshoot issue.
  • Python for Database programmers – Python programming is so useful for Database programmers. Python is cool programming language and helps to minimize error and brings efficiency in creating database, fetching data or manipulating data in Dtabase.
  • Python and Django MVC training for developers – Django is MVC based high lever framework of Python programming language. It is a very popular framework used to develop portals and social networking websites. Python training will help you to develop complex and simple websites using django framework.
  • Python for Mobile testing – If you are involved in any device testing profile getting python training is must to add efficiency to your work. Python training will teach you to write test case script and test automation to add productivity in your testing profile.
  • Python for test automation professional – Python training is extremely useful for test automation professionals. It is one of the most popular scripting languages for writing test cases script and building test automation framework.

Python Training Courses

Why Choose W3training School for Python training in Gurgaon

We at W3training School provide training and projects on python. We make sure you gain higher programming logic and coding skills during python training program. Our python training course is designed as per latest updates and industry requirements. The course syllabus is based on industry requirement basis so that it will help you to take your programming skills and knowledge to next level.

If you are looking to start your career in python, this is the best time to get into it.

  • 10+ year of experiences professionals as trainer
  • Learn python from basic to advance level.
  • Project and Case study
  • Industry relevant python project works.
  • Job oriented course content
  • Job assistance for fresher students.
  • Personal level training attention and project monitoring
  • Backup classes and flexible batch timings.
  • Small training batches for interactive training.

Download Basic and advanced Python training course content by w3training school in pdf format.

What is the Duration of Python Classes?

Python course with us is divided into 2 parts i.e. Core Python and Advance Python.

Where Core Python is the introduction to the Python and mainly chosen by college students is covered up in 1 month duration for weekday batches, In Advance Python we basically learn further and implement our knowledge from Core Python, it also takes 1 month duration for weekdays batches to complete. So the total duration for Python course is 2 months.

We also offer weekend batches and that usually takes 2.5 months duration to complete the course.

What is the duration of per day class?

The total hours we cover in per day depends whether it’s a weekday or weekend class.

For the weekday classes, we usually cover a duration of 2 hours whereas for the weekend classes the duration of the class is for 3 hours.

Usually the total duration of the Course i.e. advance and core python, is taken as 24 hours.

Do Python helps in Artificial Intellegence?

Python language is responsible for proper functioning of Machine learning which is also a hot career option nowadays. Along with this we also know the significance of Machine learning in Artificial intelligence. So, yes it helps you to work in Artificial intelligence along with wide range of other implementation.

How about if I don’t know anything about coding or If I don’t share any Coding background?

Python is a coding language but it is also a coding language that is easy to write and read.Python is always considered as the easiest language and that makes it acceptable by many scholars from the non-technical field.

We provide python training to many non-technical students and they never find it difficult. Unlike Java, Python carry out program in just few steps.  

Is learning Python really a Promising career option?

Yes, it is! Python holds it’s placed in many technologies like Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Database manipulation, Networking, web development etc.Thus, giving you wider career options and is not just restricted to one industry.

Python also supports many internet protocols like JSON, E-mail processing, HTML and XML that also makes it much supportive in many existing technologies. Supportive nature of Python also makes it more useful for technologies to adopt such an easy language.

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