Are you looking for Zend Framework training in Gurgaon, then feel free to join W3training School Php Zend framework training program on individual bases or with advanced job oriented php training program.

Zend is Php based open source object oriented framework based on MVC (Model View Control) and Php 5 model. It used for to build object oriented web applications and its code reusability increase its demand and popularity in field of web development.

What you will learn in Zend Training

  • Learn Fundamentals of Php Zend Framework.
  • Understanding It’s Components.
  • Initial Profess with DOM Tree.
  • Learn Basics of Model-View-Controller (MVC).
  • Acesoftech-php-aarow.
  • System Requirements for framework.
  • Installation & Configuration.
  • Setting up Zend Tool
  • Creating your first project
  • Understanding Bootstrap File
  • Configure URLs, Controllers, and Actions
  • Testing & run the Application
  • acesoftech-php-aarow
  • What is Front Controller
  • How to define your own Action Controllers
  • How to passing Data from the Controller to the View
  • Call View Scripts
  • Difference between Fowarding & Redirection
  • acesoftech-php-aarow
  • How view works
  • How to render data in view from controller.
  • Forwarding the Request
  • Redirecting to Another URL
  • acesoftech-php-aarow.
  • What is Zend_Application
  • What is Zend_Configuration.
  • Understanding Zend_Registry
  • How to configure Zend_Loader
  • Using Zend_Session Zend Forms
  • Creating a simple Zend Form
  • How to validate and Filter Form Data
  • Using stylesheet in form
  • acesoftech-php-aarow
  • How Zend_Db works
  • Using Database Adapaters
  • Acquiring the Database Adapter
  • Create database connection
  • Insert/update/delete
  • Table Data Gateway
  • Zend_Db_Table
  • Zend_Db_Table_Row
  • Zend_Db_Table_Rowset
  • acesoftech-php-aarow
  • Using ErrorHandler Plugin
  • The Default Error Controller and View Script
  • Custom Error handling plugin
  • Setting up Zend Layout
  • acesoftech-php-aarow
  • Using View Helpers
  • How to change and disable Layouts
  • Styling layout
  • acesoftech-php-aarow
  • Authentication using Zend_Auth
  • Access Control using Zend_Acl

Benefits of Joining Zend training with W3training School

  • Learn from Zend professional developers; build 16+ web applications in Php Zend Framework.
  • Learn with your comfort timing, weekdays and weekends classes.
  • Build Live Php Zend framework based application during the course.
  • Small batch sizes, maximum of 8 students.
  • Get free domain and hosting for 1 year practice.
  • Free retake and doubt classes on weekend bases.

Future Scope of Zend Framework development

Basically Zend framework is open source framework for expand the functionality of php development. Most of time only php professional approach this to expand their skills on next level of php programming and they no need to tell about Zend framework scope.

But still it’s important to discuss how this framework can be helpful for students and professionals who want to build their career in field of php development. Zend is developed by Php members who manage php up-gradation. It’s used for enhance the development property and expand the php functionality on next level. It can used to develop much more complex application without any configuration error and become most demanded in field of php development.

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