Learn php yii framework from w3training school with live projects, Join our advanced php training program with Yii framework or learn individual based Yii framework. To provide better learning our complete course is based on live application development using yii and php programming to develop better skills for our students.

Yii is a php framework which helps in rapid development of web application. Yii is one of the most popular model view controller framework of php. If you are looking to develop high quality and light web pages which have several pages and do not follow any particular model Yii is the best solution for it.

ii is a high performance php framework which is most popular among modern technology in developing web 2.0 applications. Yii is a generic web programming framework which is used in developing all short of applications. Yii is light weighted and equipped with lots of solution for developing high traffic application like information and entertainment portals, content management system and e-commerce systems.

Features of Php Yii Framework

  • Like Ruby on Rails Yii is a Model view controller architecture which is more efficient.
  • You can make forms much easily in Yii as Form inputs, validation and Ajax support is built in.
  • Building Database is pretty easy in Yii.
  • Yii speeds your application development as it has built in code generation tool.
  • Yii makes it easy to implement kind of caching that makes sense to your application.
  • Yii minimizes the risk factor of running services with PHP and MYSQL.
  • Yii is easy to integrate with other frameworks like Zend or Pear.
  • Yii is efficient in handling error and testing.

Who should Join Yii framework training at W3training School Gurgaon

Those who have knowledge of core php programming or Professionals web developer who needs to learn Yii framework for enhancing their development skill and create effective website or application.

Candidate willing to join the training course must have a sound knowledge of core PHP programming and Object oriented programming concepts. Having prior knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax and MySQL is a benefit for the students. We provide additional classes on PHP language, object oriented programming, MySQL, HTML and CSS to the candidates lacking the above mentioned prerequisites.

What you learn in Yii Framework training at W3training School Gurgaon

MVC architecture

  • What is MVC architecture?
  • How it works?
  • Need for framework

Introduction to Yii Framework

  • What is Yii?
  • Installation of Yii
  • Creating Yii simple application
  • Folder structure and files in Yii


  • Entry script
  • Application
  • Controller, model, view
  • components
  • module
  • Path alias and namespace
  • Conventions
  • URL management

Controller, Model, View

  • GII tool
  • creating actions
  • creating access rules
  • creating models
  • creating views
  • creating forms

Working with Database

  • DB connectivity
  • Active record
  • Query builder
  • Relational active record using with


  • Simple login
  • Authentication and authorization
  • URL Management
  • Internationalization (I18N)

Themes and Extensions

  • Applying the theme
  • Custom themes
  • Extensions

Error Handling and Testing

  • Errors in Yii
  • Testing
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