Join CodeIgniter training program in Gurgaon and learn how to use this php framework to build smart web applications to fulfil your requirements.  CodeIgniter is php framework and this training is available for advanced php developers who already complete their php training or working in same industry and looking to upgrade their skills on next level.

What you will learn in CodeIgniter php framework training

  • Introduction to MVC Frameworks and their functionality.
  • Introduction of CodeIgniter.
  • OOPs Programming and usage in CodeIgniter.
  • Objects and Classes and their usage
  • Basics terms like, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstract Class, Scope Resolution Operator, Class Constants
  • Private, Protected and Public view of applications.
  • Model
  • Views
  • Controllers
  • Creating Views
  • Helpers and Libraries
  • Modifying the View
  • config.php
  • php
  • php
  • php
  • System Folder
  • Application Folder
  • The Database Library
  • The Session Library
  • The Form Helper
  • Form Validation
  • The URL Helper
  • Database Table and Models
  • Creating the Admin/Pages Controller
  • Creating the Administrative Views
  • Integrating a WYSIWYG Editor
  • Creating Forms
  • Creating Administrative Screens
  • URL Rewriting
  • W3C Compliance
  • Filtering User Input
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • Encrypting Sessions
  • Additional Security Resources

Why Join W3training School for learn php CodeIgniter framework

  • Live Project with live domain and hosting, learn with full practical exposure.
  • Increase weight of resume with live CodeIgniter web application Access.
  • Highly industry Experienced trainers, learn with latest industry updates.
  • Get 1 year free domain and hosting for more practical training.
  • Regular doubt session, know everything you want.
  • WeekDays and Weekends php CodeIgniter classes.
  • One of Leading Php CodeIgniter training Institute in Gurgaon Delhi-NCR.

Php CodeIgniter framework Features

  • Make Development easy to use:- CodeIgniter is very easy to use for developers who have good understanding of php programming. With basic knowledge of php everyone can build large php based web applications with less development errors and difficulties. It follow very easy coding rules, you may naming your own codes and implement them.
  • Small in Size:– Php CodeIgniter framework files are very small in size(Near about 2 MB) means no consumption of extra server space. This file size also include user guide with its framework package of 2MB.
  • Fit to every hosting:– Php CodeIgniter work with standard php hosting plans, you may use it with every shared, dedicated hosting plans with standard database. No need of any extra or specific hosting plans to build web applications using CodeIgniter, but make sure use hosting which fit to latest version of php hosting.
  • Powerful Add-on Features:- In 2009 ElisLab provide the flexibility to add third party add-ons to add more functionality with help of other developers. So it stands on category of other CMS and become first choice of professional php developers.
  • Free guide documents:- For provide easy development to beginners, CodeIgniter contain free manual guide of its usage for development web applications. This guide becomes very helpful for php developers who come in touch with CodeIgniter on first time or in beginner’s stage.

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