Freelancing is doing the work for yourself using any skill. If you are good at something and do not want to do a job then you can go for freelancing and get a good earning. Nowadays everyone tries to do freelancing using their skills and it requires on few hours for a project and makes extra income.

Many of the working professionals are also doing freelancing as an extra income and in the area of digital marketing there is a lot of scope in freelancing also. Many small and medium businesses cannot afford a digital marketing professional so they hire a freelancer who can manage their digital marketing activities.

By learning digital marketing you will be eligible for the freelancing also because it is a skill which is very much required and there is very less number of digital marketing professionals. Digital marketing will give you the ability to work on different ends and different sources of earning.

Find some of the major benefit of doing freelancing

  • Free from office premises – freelancing makes you free from the office premises that means you can sit anywhere and work according to your convince, you will be no more working in a set place where you have to set and work for fixed hours. For example if you are out of your place then also you can work or at home.
  • Own boss – the best thing about the freelancing is that you don’t have to work for the others. Today most of the youth don’t want to work for others, this is the best opportunity that they can work for their self and they can be the boss of their own.
  • Control over jobs and client – when you do freelancing then you are free to take the projects according to the skills and no one will impose anything on you. Only freelancing gives you the opportunity to choose the client and the projects. If you do not work for the some specific client for you didn’t like the projects description or budget then you just do apple for the same.
  • Flexible hours – one of the best thing about the freelancing is flexible working hours you can work whenever you feel so. This can affect the other plans in your life like if you are travelling to any hill station then you can work in bus or you can do your work after reaching your destination. You can also skip the days if you want, you have to complete the project in given time.
  • All profits – as you are not working for others that mean you are getting all profit there is no one to share it, whereas in a company they share the amount of profit as name of salary. Here the profit goes to you and you can use that amount according to your need, you can also increase the business and investing in different areas or to promote yourself as a freelancer.


W3training School is only Institute which provides online bidding training in Gurgaon Delhi-NCR, for professionals those looking for jobs in online Business Development Executive (BDE), Bid Managements or looking to start their career as a freelancers.

We will help you to learn all basic skills required to getting projects from online bidding sites like, oDesk (Now UpWork), Elance, People Per Hour, Guru and Freelancer.

You may join any Company on base of this course or start your own freelancer work in area of your profession. Here are details which you are going to learn in this course.

What You Will Learn During This Course

  • Creation of Attractive Profile creation on oDesk (Now UpWork), Elance, People Per hour Guru and Freelancer.
  • How to increase jobs through profile and manage skill tests.
  • How to increase jobs application for new profiles.
  • Bidding and Profile Management
  • Where to apply and where to not apply
  • How to get projects with new profiles
  • How to make proper cover letter, what to include and what to not include
  • Importance of review and how manage them with good attraction
  • How to retrew jobs if they are not respont
  • How to create and manage company/agency profile
  • How to create team and assign work
  • How to pass Odesk, elance Test with great scores.
  • Hidden tips for getting success with online bidding.
  • What to do and don’t tips when apply for works on bidding sites.
  • Setup and receive payment in your country currency.

W3training School Provide you to start your freelancer career through world’s largest freelancer marketplace like, Odesk, Elance, Guru, People Per-Hour, and freelancer. We have launch this course to solve the problems of people who get lot’s of difficulty in getting start their career as a freelancer. Because without proper guidance it’s very difficult to manage bidding account with proper techniques

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