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  • IOS Trainer having 7+ Year Of Experience in IOS Development.
  • Special Weekend Batches for Working Professionals.
  • Complete Training On Live Project for 100% Practical Exposure
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  • Latest IOS course content with Covering Industry Requirements.
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Join Our Advanced IOS APP Development training in Gurgaon and build  IOS apps for own website or client’s requirements. With increase the demand of I-Phones and mobiles internet usage every website or online platform need to introduce them-self on apple Mobile users.

And every small and big companies need to capture there website in IOS Apps for increase apple i-Phone users compatibility. IOS is second largest mobile operating system which used with most of internet users. Learn IOS app development from experts and become one of them.

Our IOS Training Process

Introduction to IOS Apps

Learn basics of IOS Applications, Demand and Industry Requirements before development.

Learn IOS Programming

Lean IOS Programming There usage and implementation for trigger different events in IOS Applications.

IOS App Configuration

Configuring IOS Applications in IOS Development Environments and test it’s working process.

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IOS Development Course content

IOS – An introduction

  • What is IOS?
  • IOS Architecture.
  • Application life cycle.

Know the basics of C

  • Overview of IDE
  • Control Statements
  • Variables and Operators
  • Inheritance and Polymorphic
  • Classes
  • Introduce ‘Project App to the audience
  • Summary
  • Protocols
  • Categories

Start With IOS Project

  • Introduction to types of Application
  • IPhone / IPad (Universal configuration)
  • Controllers and Classes
  • Projects and Targets
  • Frameworks
  • App Delegates
  • Resources
  • Debugging tools in X-Code
  • Summary

IOS  Application Settings

  • Introduction to Application Setting
  • How Settings work in IOS?
  • How to create a Settings file
  • Saving and Retrieving
  • Settings Default
  • In Application Settings

View Controller

  • Introduction
  • What is MVC – dynamically adding views?
  • The Model
  • The View
  • The Controller
  • Outlets
  • Adding the ‘Model
  • Actions
  • Target and Action pattern
  • Summary

Memory Management in IOS App Development

  • Retain
  • Release
  • Auto release pool
  • Modifiers: Strong, weak, assign, __ Auto releasing.
  • Reference Counting ( Alloc, New, Copy, Mutable copy )

Navigation in IOS Development

  • Introduction to navigation.
  • Basic View Architecture.
  • Navigation based Architecture.
  • Tab based View Architecture.
  • Launching a View.
  • Modal Views.
  • Tab Controls

Table Views in IOS Application Development

  • Introduction to table view
  • How Table Views work
  • Creating a Table View
  • Selecting a Row
  • Grouping
  • Customizing the View
  • Summary

IOS Action Sheets and Alerts

  • Introduction to Action Sheets
  • Create an Alert
  • Responding to an Action Sheet
  • Creating an Action Sheet
  • Guidelines
  • Summary

Advanced Features in IOS Application

  • Web Services: XML and JSON
  • Notification Center: Push -Local messaging
  • Localization
  • Map
  • Touches & Gestures
  • Camera

Deploying and Testing of Application

  • Introduction to App Testing
  • Overview of the Process
  • Deploying to a device
  • Create a distribution file – IPA
  • App Store preparation
  • Submission Process
  • Summary
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