Email Marketing Course in Gurgaon for business professionals, bloggers fresher students. This is one part of our complete digital marketing course and helps you to generate leads by sending your product or business modules to right people via email.

Before few years back, we send mails through paper, but as time change and everything become digital and now we can emails one place to any corner of world with just few clicks in few seconds.

What you will learn in W3training School Email Marketing Course

  • How to collect email list for your business.
  • Target the accurate audience, which take more interest in your product.
  • How to setup email campaign for lead generation.
  • How to build solid email marketing strategy.
  • Write high conversational email copy.
  • Importance of subject line.
  • Inbox, Promotions, Social and Spam Delivery.
  • Build HTML template for emails.
  • Bad effects of spam delivery.
  • Email frequency and limits.
  • Email Grouping and segmentation.
  • Email A/B Testing and improving conversions.
  • Delivery reporting and Analytics.
  • Case Studies
  • Spam Email guide and how to avoid spam emails.
  • Create segmentation and email campaign.
  • Collecting email through email service provider platforms.
  • Emails servers and their usage.
  • Email templates formats
  • One Email Marketing Tools (MailChimp/ )

Scope of Email Marketing Training

  • Join companies as a email marketing analyst.
  • Generate leads for any type of business.
  • Build email list and outsource for particular clients with specific niche.
  • Ability to write a convincing email.

Who can Attend this Email Marketing Course ?

Bloggers:- Email marketing help bloggers to collect the interesting email database and send them every new updated posts and increase the traffic of their website.

Affiliate Marketers:- Email Marketing help affiliate marketers to generate more revenue by sending promotion email to people who are interesting to buy through their referral links. In this course you will learn how to collect the email list of people who are more interesting in your product.

Business Owners:- As a business owners you can promote your business by send attractive emails to people in your city or area. Email not only helps you to increase your presence in the market but also help you to generate more leads and revenue for your business.

Freelancer:- If you are freelancer work as a publisher, web designer, developer, digital marketing consulting or provide any other services. This course will help you to generate leads for your services by collect niche database and sending them for generate leads.

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