If we talk about the visuals then it impact more than the written content, display content include Image, infographics and Videos. Display content is easy to understand and our eyes easily adapt the pictures and videos as they are soothing to our eyes. The upcoming content will be image and video which comes under display.

Display will be the future of content as we are still more inclined towards the videos and images and most of the social media platform has started giving more value to the video content. Nowadays if some has option of viewing content in text or in video then he/she will prefer video content, youtube is live example by acquiring the second place on search engine.

Before getting into the display ads first know what are ads, ads are the paid campaign where businesses put their amount and run ads on search engine, social media and on mobile devices. Display ads are the one of the category of ads which is getting hype in today’s market as visuals are more demanded.

Considering advertising then the display will be the best way to convey the information as images and videos will take over the text. Now there are video ads which are doing the best in the market and people are also not annoyed by the repetitive display ads. Social media comes out to be the best in ads as they show ads in videos and images.

In recent trends Facebook ads has beaten google ads in term of advertising that means facebook ads are most convertible then the google ads. All of the social media platforms are using images and videos from a very longer period which gave them the popularity and easy access to internet also helped them.

 Why digital ads are popular 

  • Visually appealing – one of the best things about the display ads are they are visually appealing, if you compare it with the search ads of google then it will score better than that. Search ads have text in it with the word limit whereas in display ad there is banner where you are free to express your emotions. Display ads will also make your brand different from the others.
  • Better Brand awareness – in search ads users see a text where something is written and then they will click on the clink and after that they will get the business knowledge whereas in display ads visitors are seeing the banners or videos directly and they can get the message directly from the display ads no further clicks required.
  • Effective targeting – Search engine marketing and in social media marketing we can target our customer according a niche. If we want to target only those who have visited our website or similar websites or similar audience to our website, we can target them separately.
  • Increases visibility – Although display ads target specific audiences, this does not mean they limit the visibility of your business online. Display ads give you the ability to appear on websites that are not only highly trafficked, but which are also related to the offer of your ad. Display ads benefit your business by getting you in front of a high volume of the right people, even if they’re not searching.
  • Provides data – It is important to be able to measure your marketing activities because tracking is very important , such as by using google analytics to track their performance. Display advertising platforms offer this benefit to your business. With the data it provides, you can know exactly how many times your ad or ads have been clicked. Being able to track your investment allows you to ensure you are getting the most out of it.

These are the few of the major benefits of display advertising and these are the reasons why display advertising is better than the search ads.

Upcoming time will be of display advertising using image and videos and to master it you should learn it first.

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