Join W3TSDigitalMarketing specific program for business entrepreneur for increase your business visibility across the world and generate leads by reach to every potential customers through internet.


With a rapid increase in demand of internet and technology, every business must have to be available online with reputed presence to attract online customers. Every business owner can’t afford the digital marketing services like, SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing, even they are very cheap. That’s due to agencies managed internet marketing services monthly charges are so high, join our digital marketing course for business entrepreneur.

If we look in the demand for digital marketing, many medium and small businesses also want to implement the digital marketing strategy in their business but they don’t have enough money to hire an ad agency and to pay them a lot for the campaign. To help those businessmen there is a course name digital marketing training for business owner which help them to know each and every aspect of digital marketing and they can follow the strategy accordingly.

Why We design this Digital Marketing Training Program for Business Owners

In India, lots of businesses want to present themselves online with their uniqueness, but when it comes to hiring any digital marketing agency, it’s very costly for them. It has several reasons like monthly charges are taken by digital agencies, they are very costly and more than 70% business can’t afford them but the response from digital marketing is very high, in order to make thing work for small businesses they have to be present on the digital media platform as most of the audience has also moved on the internet like social media and all.

To solve this issue we specially design this digital marketing training for business owners who are eager to increase their business through online presence and have a good understanding of the Internet and computer usage. You can learn all the online marketing techniques in just two month, charges you pay to any agency to manage your business. either you can pay these charges to the agency every month or you can pay once and do it by yourself where you have all the knowledge of digital marketing to do everything better. w3 helps you to attain the digital marketing knowledge with its course of digital marketing training for business owners.

What digital marketing techniques you will learn in this course?

Below is the course content module you will learn step by step to find out the right audience through a different method and target to reach them to encourage to become a customer. These are the few major platforms of digital marketing. Online platform for target the most interested audience has changed as business services and category changed, know more about Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most useful techniques when it comes to generating online leads. Businesses get lifelong results without spending any extra amount. When as a business owner you know how to optimize WebPages for organic results your cost of generating leads through organic results will be zero. It is a free technique which helps in getting the most number of leads from the search engine if your page is ranking on the first page and the first rank then definitely you will get the maximum business online.

In seo we teach all the techniques those work 100% and help your business to rank local, national and international level as per your requirements. We cover advanced level on-page optimization, Off-page optimization, and local search optimization techniques with the latest Google panda, penguin and hummingbird techniques.

Pay per click (PPC)

When Business open newly and their organic results are not rank well they required instant bases leads. For business owners, it will help to run their own PPC campaign and reach within few minutes of running ads, but this is paid method and you have to pay the bid amount every time when a user clicks and reach to your website. It is best for those who want more leads in less time.

Social Media Marketing SMM

 Now customers are available everywhere and social media is the most engaging platform where you can find new potential clients and engage with your regular clients with your new products and services. In social media, you will learn both organic and paid marketing methods to increase your brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still effective when it’s well planed in proper manner, we share all the secrets those will help to gather database of high conversion able customers. You will learn how to create effective Subjects, content, email template run campaign, you will also run how to gather email list of more interested visitors from your own site.

Mobile Marketing

With increase, the usage of Smartphone’s in India more than 70% people uses the internet in the mobile phones. And it’s very important to cover the places where we can find out a customer for business. So during the training, you will know how to perform mobile marketing campaign through different platforms.

Content Marketing

In complete training for businesses, you learn how to make content marketing strategy that converts lot’s of customers for you in future. Content marketing help business to increase the reach and visibility by reach your services to people who are looking for suggestions and guide related to product or services you sell.

What you can do after completing this course?

  • Can perform search engine optimization of your own business website.
  • You can guide your web designers in improving site structure and landing page designs.
  • Can hire and manage your own team.
  • Run your own PPC, display and social ad campaign.
  • Generate unlimited leads for your current or any new upcoming business.
  • Increase your brand awareness worldwide with a very small budget.

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