W3training school provide advanced digital marketing course in Faridabad, Gurgaon for professionals and business entrepreneur. Our Complete Course is based on 100% Practical and personal level to provide better quality and understanding of this digital marketing.


Faridabad is a developing city and it is developing at a more higher rate than others as it is a part of NCR region, industries, and many businesses are also getting opened in Faridabad, some big giants are also thinking to open their offices in Faridabad. This is the reason why digital marketing course in Faridabad is needed, the best scope for digital marketing is in NCR only as most of the corporates offices are here only just like as we all know Bangaluru is the best place if you want a job in the engineering sector.

If you are a business owner then your training will be based on your business site and during our training, you will receive leads for your own business. You will learn how to find the place where your potential customers are available and to reach and convert them into a sale.

For students, they will work on the live projects which we have with us and they will learn everything in digital marketing practically. The part of the theory is very less and the experiment and practical part are in more. Digital marketing is a full fledge practical thing and learning theory is not done with it. Under this course, students will learn each and everything about digital marketing which will help them in their jobs, our training process is designed in such a way that our students can directly go the jobs they don’t need any internship after completing the course.

What you will learn in this Digital Marketing Course?

We cover all important modules those can help any students to get a good job, for professionals can help improve skills and earn money online and for business owners how to increase sales by reach to customers on all possible platform.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- You will learn how to make strategy, implementation and how to rank on the first page with business profitable keywords. Complete Seo training will be based on the live website with your own (if any) or we provide a dummy product website to practice which will encourage the practical exposure in the students.
  2. PPC (Pay Per Click):- In PPC training you will learn how to create an effective ad campaign with high conversion rates and low CPC. You will learn how to increase quality score and get high ad position with low CPC, conversion tracking, landing page, and quality score optimization, all this learning will lead you to an effective or efficient SEM strategiest.
  3. Social Media Marketing:-  You Will learn how to perform social media optimization and marketing for increasing brand awareness and engagements with people who love your services. You will learn how to reach all potential customers through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and increase sales and revenue of the business. Media buying is the best way to promote your product on social media, it gives you the best branding for your products.
  4. Email Marketing:- In email marketing we teach you how to conduct and perform email marketing campaign for your business and how to collect potential customers email Id’s for your business. You will learn how to integrate Mail-Chimp with your website or blog and increase your subscriber’s list. This will enable you to mark multiple emails to the different people or you can also send the bulk emails to your subscribers or to your database.
  5. Freelancing Platform:- In our advanced Digital Marketing Course we Include Freelancing platform like UpWork and Elance to our students. After completing this course they easily can start their freelancing career by win digital marketing projects from online freelancing platform. By this, you will be able to do things which you want, you don’t need to work under some lead or manager, you will be the boss of yourself. Also, you can work somewhere and can do freelancing in your free time which will create an extra income for you.
  6. Affiliate Marketing and AdSense:- In our advanced course we include online money making platforms like Affiliate Marketing and AdSense. These money making platforms can very helpful for professionals, they easily can earn lot’s of money as working part-time with their job. This also gives you an opportunity to make an extra income from these two methods, you need to draw at least half an hour in a day and you can get a good amount from afiliate and adsense. Most of the people has made affiliate as their permanent source of income by giving more time to it.

Why Digital Marketing Course for Faridabad?

Faridabad is Haryana’s second topmost industrial city with the presence of MNC It industries, students, professional’s have lots of opportunities to get easy job’s in their local city. As we know after announcing Digital India there will be a huge demand for digital marketing skilled people in every industry and Faridabad is developing is like anything so this call for the more scope in the digital marketing in Faridabad.

Why Choose W3training School for Digital Marketing Course?

  • Our Complete course is based on live projects for in hand experience of practical work.
  • First 3 day Free Classes without any charges.
  • Work on your own business website (If any) or dummy product website.
  • After complete course from W3training School, lifetime free retake classes on weekends.
  • Personal level training with in-house atmosphere, no big batch system.
  • Lowest fee in the industry, also a group discount of up to 25%.

If you are looking to build your career in online marketing world or take your business on the next step through reputed online presence then feel free to contact us. We are leading advanced Digital Marketing course provider in Faridabad and Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon area for people who are looking to increase their skills by working on real environment, we only focus to build the best out of you.

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