Are you Looking for cake php training in Gurgaon then stop browsing anymore, W3traininge School is best cake php institute with professional trainers having 6+ years of experience in php development. Php is one of the most popular and widely accepted online programming languages.

Framework is a stable programming platform which increases development efficiency and robustness of application.There are many frameworks in php programming language. Framework use model view controller architecture for development.

Cake Php is one of the most popular frameworks of php programming language. Cake php framework helps developer develop complex web development with hassle.

Cake Php is a leading php framework and supports large code base. Core php uses a three tired programming architecture which separates code from business logic and front end. This helps developer to change a running program without interrupting the system.

Learning and getting expert over any framework increase your programming efficiency and saves lots of time while developing complex application. You should have core php knowledge as well as know how to Mysql in programming to learn cake php framework.

What you learn in Cake Php training

Introduction to Cake PHP

  • OOPs Programming
  • Classes and Objects
  • Visibility and Scope
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract Class
  • Class Constants
  • Understanding the MVC Pattern
  • Models, Controllers, View, How it works?

Configuration cake PHP

  • Setting up cake php with apache environment
  • Configuring Cake to work with database
  • Running cake for the first time.

Cake Conventions

  • Naming Conventions for Model, Controller, view and database tables.
  • Models
  • Creating up model for a database table
  • Retrieving data, saving and updating data, deleting data
  • User defined functions in models
  • Data validation


  • Creating controllers
  • Controller function
  • Interacting with model
  • Interacting with views
  • Controller variables & parameters, redirection, getting post data


  • Working and configuring layouts
  • Creating custom layouts
  • Elements and helpers

Cake Session

  • Storing data in cake session
  • Reading a session data,
  • Delete data from session


  • Cake’s Built-in Helpers
  • HTML Helper in the Default Layout
  • Form Helper
  • Ajax Helper
  • JavaScript Helper
  • The Paginator Helper
  • The Session Helper
  • The Text Helper


  • Arguments
  • Reverse Routing
  • Lookups
  • Rewriting URLs in the Router
  • Admin Routing, Actions
  • and Views
  • Route Parameters

Components and Utilities

  • Caching
  • Working with cache,
  • Activating cache,
  • Enable cache within controller,
  • Marking content that is not to be cached, clearing cache

Benefits of W3training School Gurgaon Cake Php training

  • Latest and updated course format as per corporate standards.
  • Highly experienced working professional from industry as trainer.
  • Small batches and one on one training to make you expert.
  • W3training School Gurgaon will teach you on live projects.
  • Flexible batch timing.
  • Lifetime support

All the training provided over cake php at W3training School Gurgaon is on live project under highly experienced faculty from industry guidance.

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