It’s first module of our complete digital marketing course, In this module you will learn all the basics terms and overview of Importance. Before making sentence by arranging the alphabet, first we must have to good knowledge of all alphabets.

In basic we will cover how digital marketing is different from other traditional marketing techniques and why it’s important for any offline or online business and growth of this field.

When it comes to marketing, we have a goal, how it can help you to achieve all the business goals, like leads generation, awareness and branding. Which type of different sources is used to reach the potential. Know how digital marketing is influencing the market.

Digital marketing is the new era of marketing techniques at times when billboards and TV ads are the best way to market the product but they were the most costly form of marketing. Earlier these were the forms of marketing but there were a major drawback with these techniques that you cannot track your campaigns.

Nowadays digital marketing has taken over the world where everyone is focusing on the measurement of the campaigns which was the major flaw of the traditional marketing techniques and in digital marketing all these are covered. Only reason why digital marketing is promoted to a higher level because of it audience targeting and tracking of the campaigns.

If we don’t count effective targeting and measuring campaign still there is number of advantage digital marketing has. It cost much lower than the traditional marketing and have better ROI as compare to the other techniques of the marketing.

In today’s world people have changed the way they search for the product earlier people use walk to the market and search for the product and buy after the suggestion of the retails and sale person but now things are changed and people first search on the Google and then look for the reviews and other product details and then they buy the product.

Buying behavior of the consumer has been changed and the process earlier consumer use to follow is different and current buying behaviour is different. Now retailer and sales person don’t play the major role in selling the product, Google plays the most important role in getting the sale. If we can target our prospect customer to the very first step (on Google) then the buying funnel will do the rest of the things.

Social media marketing is the best way to promote your brand which comes under the digital marketing. Now everyone is on social media like Facebook Instagram,Twitter etc. And it is also very easy to target them to promote the brands as you will find the audience who is interested in your products or similar products. Maintaining a good rating on social media profiles gives a brand benefit to the product and the brand name. It is also a best platform to get the feedback from the customers and make changes accordingly.

No TV, Radio campaign can give you instant results but digital marketing does, by using paid marketing you can generate fast and instant business. Here customers are searching for your products and they are in need of the product so the purchase is very much possible whereas in TV ads you are showing ads to the different audience and if they require that then they will buy your product, this create the difference.

Digital marketing also helps in making the brand identity better; it saves you from the defamation. There is Online Reputation Management activities which saves your brand image in the online market and picture your brand image well on the web.

Here are the tools which you will learn in our digital marketing program

  • Keyword optimization is the very first step of the digital marketing and everything on search engine is based on the keyword, it plays the most initial part in SEO and SEM. Optimizing the keyword should be the priority because it is the thing which grabs the traffic for any website and further the pages are optimized accordingly.
  • Search Engine Optimization is the technique where you target the audience on search engine and optimize the web page according to the requirements of search engine. By this you can generate more traffic to your website and also increase the sales. Here visitor come by itself you don’t have to go to the potential customer as it is a pull technique of marketing.
  • Search Engine Marketing is the quickest way to promote the product and get the fastest revenue from that. Under this process you will have to send some money to Google to promote your product up in the ranking called ads. This technique is used to when the business don’t have much time and wants to generate sales fast then SEM is the best method.
  • Social media Marketing is the also one of the ways to make your brand name big companies like make my trip, zomato, food panda, trivago etc have make their brand big by using social media marketing. Here you will get to learn the optimization and ads on different social media platform.
  • Email marketing is also the best from to make your customer aware for the upcoming products and additional information about the products. Here audience is targeted through the emails where relevant templates are made and pushed it to the customers.

These were the few major topics which we cover in our digital marketing course, there are more than 18 modules which we offer and make the students expert of digital marketing.

How digital marketing is different from other traditional marketing, and why it took birth today

  • You will be able to understand the marketing goal through digital marketing
  • Know how a business can be more profitable through online presence.
  • Future of India is going to be digitizing, don’t to be too late.
  • Every company have their digital marketing team, be a part of company you want
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