AWS training In Gurgaon

AWS Training In Gurgaon

Learn Amazon Web Services and Fundamentals, Architecting and implementation with Best AWS Training Institute in Gurgaon

  • Learn from AWS Certified Instructors.
  • Industry Recognized AWS Course Content.
  • Flexible batches available, Weekdays and Weekends.
  • Small AWS Batches to deliver classes with More interactions.
  • Professional Instructors having 8+ Years of Industry Experience.
  • Customized Course content as per Industry and Job Requirements.

Join AWS training in Gurgaon with W3training School and learn how to manage large WEB Server architecture. Our Complete AWS Training program is designed to meet the all large cloud hosting requirements. We have highly experienced AWS Professional to make the AWS training program more efficient.

AWS training helps you to learn the AWS structure and its implementation over live cloud environment using various devices and services.

Our course is designed that makes you plan, design and scale small and large AWS structures with optimized level as per business requirements.

We are leading AWS training institute in Gurgaon that delivers complete training over live projects to meet the industry experience and more practical exposure.

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AWS Training As Per Your Requirements

Short Term Course

Short Term Course

Short term AWS Training

Industrial Training

Industrial Training

Industrial Training program in AWS

Summer Training

Summer Training

AWS Summer training Program

AWS Corporate Training

AWS Corporate Training

AWS Corporate Training

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Who can go for AWS training Program?

People have many misconceptions about AWS training program and the most asked is “I am not a coder, can I do AWS training.” Yes, you can, even it doesn’t require any technical or specialized former education to start with AWS training.

It is an open training Program for any individual who can understand the basic principles of cloud computing. Students coming from CS/IT background can easily participate and learn AWS even it is one of the booming field so it’s a good career choice for these students.

Objective Of AWS Training Program In Gurgaon

  • Define architecture for AWS under the guidelines and policies by Amazon.
  • Create flexible and resilient infrastructure with the help of AWS managed services.
  • Improve performance and reduce the cost with the help of AWS based infrastructure.
  • Use the Well-Architected Framework to improve architectures with AWS solutions.
  • Create AWS service infrastructures that are scalable, reliable, and highly available.

Why W3training School for AWS Training in Gurgaon

  • We are a team of specialized trainers, well known for AWS training in Gurgaon.
  • Amazon web service training requires a Mentor who is experienced enough to sail you through the training efficiently.
  • AWS trainers with us are an industry expert and have dedicated 8+ years in the industry.
  • Because it’s more than just training, you get support for a good time from the faculty even you have passed your course.
  • We have Practice rooms to shape up your theory classes.
  • Small AWS batches for more interaction.
  • 100% Placement assistance for fresher as well as professionals.
  • Start from the scratch and build your dreams by your own.
  • The approach is fantastic even if you do not share IT backgrounds.

AWS Training That meet the Industry Requirements

Even training is not enough when it’s not according to the industry norms. Many times we undergo a training program that constitutes all the fundamental basis of the subject but at last, we realize that it was not according to the industry standards.

This also happens with a lot of technical programs like or any other relevant technical study. We are made to train on technologies that are way back then new technologies out there.

To make sure that our AWS training program is up to the industry requirements, we take following measurements:

  • The Trainer we employee are industry experts. (For greater industry exposure).
  • We work on latest tools in the market.
  • We keep our knowledge about the subject up to the mark and keep it latest.
  • We provide job assistance that helps us to understand the need of industry and the latest technology they are working on.

AWS Training in Gurgaon that help to get Dream Job

Amazon started its cloud services and became the best cloud computing service in the world. We understand now that mobility matters and every company needs its data to be mobile as well as secure. Every company wants to shift their entire

Every company wants to shift their entire server in a cloud and that creates more secure career option for candidates looking for a job in cloud computing.
Now, why AWS? AWS or Amazon web services fulfill both the needs of mobility and security that makes it a top leader in cloud computing. Since Cloud services

Since Cloud services are already a trending discussion among the industries and when it comes to the reliability, AWS is already reliable. This makes AWS associates among the top notch salary holders in the industries.

So, Does AWS certification offers a lucrative job? Yes and that is going to increase with the more usage and acceptance of AWS by the industries in the coming near future.

You Also Can Join Our AWS training Program as per Your requirements like, AWS summer training, AWS Industrial training in Gurgaon to Enhance your skills with regular study.

Coming Soon Areas For AWS training Program

Currently We are available in Gurgaon Delhi NCR area and soon will be available in Jaipur, Dehradun.

  1. Amazon Certified Solutions Architect Course Content
    • Course Module Overview
    • Linux Academy Overview
  2. Amazon Web Services Essentials
    • Storage Basics On AWS
    • Security On AWS
    • Understanding AWS Global Infrastructure
  3. Overview Of Required Services
    • Introduction To Amazon Web Services Part 1
    • Introduction To Amazon Web Services Part 2
  4. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
    • S3 Essentials
    • Traditional Storage over Cloud (with Disadvantages)
    • S3 Bucket/Object Versioning And LifeCycle
    • Using AWS Command Line Interface With S3
    • AWS Connecting Storage
    • Snowball and Storage Gateway
    • AWS Command Line Interface
  5. Amazon Cloud Front
    • Architecting Applications With Cloud Front
  6. Amazon Route53 and Management Tools
    • Overview of Route53
    • Latency Based Routing
    • Weighted Routing Policies In Route53
    • Cloud Watch
    • Cloud Formation
    • Cloud Trail
    • Trusted Advisor
  7. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    • Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
    • AMI Creation
    • Security Groups and Key Pairs
    • Working With Public And Private IP Addresses
    • What Are EC2 Placement Groups?
    • Controlling EC2 With Amazon Command Line Interface
    • Tenancy Options
  8. Relational Database Service (RDS)
    • RDS Essentials
    • Launching A RDS Instance Into The Default VPC
    • Getting Started With RDS
    • RDS Security Groups
    • Quiz: RDS
  9. IAM (Identity Access Management)
    • IAM (Identity Access Management) Essentials
    • Getting Started With IAM
    • IAM Roles and Functions
  10. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)& Direct Connect
    • VPC Overview with Benefits
    • Building aDefault and Non-Default VPC
    • Components of VPC and Direct Connect
    • VPC Networking
    • VPC Security
    • Elastic IP Addresses And Elastic Network Interfaces
    • Subnet and Subnet-Mask
  1. Architecture Design Patterns
    • Traditional vs. Cloud Hosted Application Architecture
    • Web Application Hosting
    • High Availability & Fault Tolerance
  2. Concept To Production: Building A Highly Available WordPress App
    • Overview Of Application And Goals
    • Preparing EC2 Security Groups And RDS For Our Application
    • Configuring IAM Roles
    • Preparing Our Code and S3 Buckets
    • S3 And CloudFront
    • ELB: Configuring The Elastic Load Balancer And Route53
    • Configuring The AMI For Our Web Application
    • Auto Scaling And Bootstrapping
    • Live! Lab: Configuring Auto Scaling
  3. Amazon CloudFormation
    • CloudFormation Essentials
    • Creating A S3 Bucket With CloudFormation
    • Lab: Create A S3 bucket With CloudFormation
  4. Distributed Services
    • AWS Application Service
    • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
    • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
    • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
    • AWS Compute Services
    • Lambda and Elastic
  5. Database Service
    • DynamoDB Essentials
    • Amazon RDS
    • ElastiCache
    • Services of AWS
  6. Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling
    • Components and types of Load Balancing
    • Auto Scaling and Benefits
    • Life Cycle of Auto Scaling
    • Policies of Auto Scaling
  7. Practice Exams
    • AWS Practices Test
    • Practise on Workshops
    • AWS Practice Exam Questions& Answers

What is the scope of AWS?

AWS has shown a great increase in the revenue for past 4 years and it is assumed to get increased to $13 billion by 2017. Companies are moving they’re all of the computing in one single cluster and they are relying on AWS for executing it effectively. Though the competition would certainly increase but as far as we have analyzed, AWS is expanding even more.

Can I request for a support in case of confusion in any part of the course?

If you find any difficulty in understanding the topic or if you miss any of the class, then you can simply contact the concerned person and after mutually deciding the timing you can set up the class.

This is the backup class facility we provide to each and every student irrespective of the course they opt for.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes, we do provide you placement assistance for the Job. We also provide you interview preparation so that you can assure your placement by you own.

What is the career opportunity in AWS?

Companies, in fact, every company is moving its cloud computing stuff under one roof and for that, they rely on AWS. If AWS is the future of cloud computing and it’s widely expanding then surely you can find a place for yourself as well.

The salary package as per, for AWS, certified personal ranges from 3.9 LPA to 4.2 LPA.

Which all companies require AWS?

AWS is a need for any enterprise that is using cloud computing and in future, there will be other enterprises who will ally with the existing enterprises with cloud computing. As we know AWS is an advanced and clever cloud computing system for the companies, those who want to sum up their all cloud computing operations into one.

Thus, the number of companies in this list, in the upcoming years will surely increase rapidly.

How do I register for AWS training in W3training School?

To apply for AWS training from W3training School, either you can fill an inquiry form through Contact Us Page or you can always contact W3training School at the contact number given on the website.

The registration fee is Rs 1000 /-, which is 100% refundable if in case you don’t join.

Which all certificates I can apply for after training?

AWS is divided into 3 major parts.

For these three parts, AWS provides two types of certification for each part.

So there is basically 6 certification program in AWS.

They are as follows.

  1. AWS certified solution Architecture (Associate and Professional).
  2. AWS certified developer (Associate and Professional).
  3. AWS certified sysops administrator (Associate and Professional).

Associate certification is for candidates making an entry in AWS profile and Professional certification is for the associates working in AWS technology.

Does AWS involve a lot of coding or do I need to be a coder?

Many a time’s students do have this question about the relation between AWS and coding.

But, is it really a necessity to be a coder for AWS certification?

No,  Not at all. Anyone can start from scratch to be an AWS certified engineer.  It does not require any prior knowledge of coding for this program.

Do I need to have previous IT background to start with AWS?

This question is often asked about the AWS and computer graduates.  Are they relevant? Yes, they are somewhat? You need not have any IT experience for AWS certification. Even it does not need you to be from Engineering or Computer science background.

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