Are you looking forward for a complete AWS corporate training, so that your resource could develop something on their own and you don’t have to outsource anything, you are in the right place right now, W3training School is best when it comes to handle Big data, we are offering several other training as well and AWS is one of them.

We are master in AWS from A to Z, it starts from the training centre of AWS in gurgaon to any of your industrial area, our AWS course is beautifully designed to fulfill all of your industries need, it will make your employes master in cloud computing with in no time.

Why AWS Corporate Training is Required

With the changing world and increasing demand, the process of handling data is completely customized now every industry is using secure cloud to store and process their data, when we talk about cloud computing then Amazon the biggest market player, almost each and every industry in today’s world using Amazon web services (AWS).

Each and every IT industry requires a big storage for their data and they want their data to be as safe as possible, AWS  has over 1 million customers from 190 countries, now you can imaging how widely industries are moving into AWS.

Amazon itself, tells about the key benefit of using their services these are, Security

Global Infrastructure, Compute, Storage, Content Distribution, Database, Application Services, Management Tools, Developer Tools, Support, Integration with Existing Infrastructure, Big Data, Ecosystem.

No other services other than AWS are providing these much of features. Thus it’s not just a space in cloud it’s the whole supercomputer which is virtually with you wherever you go.

According to, AWS is as big as its next four competitors combined, now you can imagine about the quality of service they are providing. Thus if you want to run faster than the competitor, you have to learn the quicker, faster platform to process thing easily.

AWS Corporate Training Benefits

  • Complete Security – Now the complete security of your data will be in your hand, you don’t have to authorize any third party certification, now you can freely store and process  applications in a cloud environment easily. Now your data will be in your hand, and this is how your security will be in your hand.
  • Faster Growth – With AWS you can use any of the processing speed, what you want to try out just pay for the time you consume their services, it’s not like replacing all the computer for a faster processor, just adjust you processing speed online with AWS cloud environment. And keep ahead of your competitors.
  • Increase in Revenue – You can save a lot with AWS corporate training, this will help your employees to get deep and practical knowledge of AWS, thus you don’t have to outsource your work to a third party company, thus it saves a lot of time, and time is equal to money. The more time you will save the more will be the production.
  • Employee Personal Growth – It will not only affect the company’s growth but the employee growth as well, it will help system and network administrators to level up their skill set, and whosoever will learn AWS will have a great future ahead. According to, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Can earn $125,000, and this is not the limit it is just an average income, there are thousand of position for an AWS certified individual. Thus a corporate training will be a growth hack for an individual as well.
  • Easy to use and Reliable – AWS is designed to allow application providers, ISVs, and vendors to quickly and securely host your applications thus it’s a quick and easy to learn AWS, and it’s easy to use as well it won’t require a deep coding knowledge. Amazon has secure global computing infrastructure which everyone can trust on.

What will you learn in AWS Corporate Training

  • Understand and use core services of Amazon Web Services (AWS),  Identity & Access Management (IAM).
  • Create a model to calculate the cost flow, and then help it by providing a mechanism for the cost control.
  • Understand data ingress and egress to and from AWS, thus you can play with any kind of data you have.
  • Get the complete knowledge of all the AWS, so that you could efficiently choose which service to choose for which program and which security is needed for different data sets.
  • Get practically trained for the AWS Certification from Amazon, our trainer will provide you hands on training on different model of certification, so that it would be easy for you to clear all the AWS certification.

AWS Certification Clearance – In AWS Corporate Training

AWS certification simply tells the potential of the employer, how much they are capable of design, deploy, or manage Amazon web services, it will tell the other person about your skill on different AWS application, thus there are your asset to showcase your talent.

Our corporate training will help each and every individual form an organization to clear all the AWS certification, which so ever is required, there are basic 6 types of AWS certification, and two for specialty. These are mentioned below.

  1. Architecting – AWS Certified Solution Architect (Associate/Professional)
  2. Developing – AWS Certified Developer (Associate/Professional)
  3. Operations – AWS certified Sysops administrator(Associate/Professional)

Speciality Certifications

  1. AWS certified advanced Networking
  2. AWS certified Big Data

These certifications will increase the value of an employee in an organization, it will not only personally helps the employee but the overall brand value will also get boosted of any organization.

Why W3training School for Corporate Training

Highly Qualified Trainers – Our trainer has experience of more than 10 year in AWS and data management system, they are highly qualified and dedicated for the complete AWS corporate training. They already had delivered hundreds of corporate training batches.

Our trainer have more the 15 certifications all related to the cloud computing and AWS, thus without a doubt, you could chose us for the corporate training, right now we are limited to Delhi NCR, and we have delivered most of our AWS training batches in Gurgaon.

Flexible Timings – We understand Industries requirement, our AWS training never interrupts the production rate, we always ask for the timing from our client, it might be any day, even a holiday we work accordingly.

Thus our training is not going to hamper your work in any way, it is surely going to enhance the production. Our program is quite flexible according to the need of the client, if you would provide us time on a daily basis then we generally provide 2 to 3 hrs of training in a day, else on weekends we could provide training up to 5hrs a day. Thus is it depends on you work timings.

Hands on Practical Project – Our complete training is based on live project training, that might be your running process or any of our industrial training project, our mission is to provide you practical hand on live project, not just the theoretical knowledge of AWS.

We not only analyze the complete project but also make you understand how it works, and what is the best way to calculate the cash flow, how to minimize the input for the maximum output.       

This practical knowledge helps the industry to achieve any of the goals at minimum risk and maximum profit, we teach them out to save their data in the cloud using Amazon web services, and how safe and secure it is.

Once you will get the practical hands on, employees can easily maintain the complete data of the industry over the cloud and they could install any of the work frames by sitting on the desk, and there won’t be any need of hardware parts, thus it would save the company space and time.

Interactive Course Design – Our course for AWS is designed in such a way that you will enjoy while learning, be it our training in Gurgaon or the corporate training, every training follows the practical approach of learning.

Our examples are based on daily life problem thus you could easily relate any of the problems to our training program, on top of it we have complete data of slides videos, which you can see through for revision.

Other then that we create an online group of our trainee batch thus 24/7 you are connected with our trainer, any kind of query at any time will be responded back to the group.

Thus if you are looking for a corporate AWS training, then without a doubt join W3training School today.

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