W3training School provides Professional Google Adsense Course in Gurgaon Delhi-NCR in India for website publisher those want to earn money online from their website or blog. This training cover all basic requirements to advanced tips for increase your revenue by adsense.

Google Adsense is one of popular service for publisher by Google. It gives opportunity to website publishers earn money by display their clients advertising on your website. Adsense is one of reliable source to earn money from home with your website and blog. Best thing about it is you are earning 24*7 hours even when you are sleeping at night, and work 1-2 hours a day.

Everyone can earn $1000+ every month and more, here earning potential is unlimited based on your website traffic and quality. There are lots of online free source of learning adsense but they take a long time and newbie do lots of mistakes those can’t resolve. We have specially design this course for people who are series about online earning through Google Adsense and want to learn in quick time with real adsense accounts.

Here is Google Adsense Course Content

  • Basic requirements for Google Adsense account.
  • Quality guideline of Google what to do and don’t guide.
  • Signup, approval and address verification process.
  • Single and multiple website management with one account.
  • How to create ad units and place ad cods in website or blog.
  • Allow and block ads, choose proper ads with high relevancy.
  • Google Advertising quality guideline for publisher.
  • Payment setup in India and other country.
  • Payment threshold, verification and filling tax information.
  • Basic terms and improvements (Impression, CPA, CPC, CTR).
  • Ad placement and optimization guideline
  • Google other products include with adsense.
  • Basics of search engine optimization tips for high traffic and revenue.
  • Adsense earning potential, efforts and limitation.

There is no course limit you can ask any query related to adsense, we will help you to solve all problems with live adsense account and how to approve after disapprove. You may also lean YouTube for increase your Adsense revenue. We will help you to choose basic and advanced tips from domain selection with high revenue niche to increase per click cost.

W3trainig School provide professional blogging training in Gurgaon NCR for all students and peoples who want to start earning money through blogging with sharing their knowledge and tips or passionate to writing personal blog for self branding.


What you will learn in Blogging Course ?

you will everything necessary to be a professional blogger and increase traffic on your blog, but only to generate content does’t make you professional blogger. You must have to several things to make it stands out from the crowd and in this blogging course we help you to stand on top from the crowd.

WordPress / Blogger Platform for Blogging

This course contain most popular blogging platform like WordPress and blogger, You will learn how to create articles, posts, links, images, contact forms and other things on these major platforms. We guide you to build your own professional wordpress and blogger blog on free hosted and self hosted platform.

Complete SEO Training for Increase Organic Traffic on Your Blog

SEO is most important thing not for a blogger but for every website, it help to generate lot’s of free traffic through organic search. For Professional bloggers it’s most important to generate traffic through search engine and increase your blog presence with reach on first position of your users search. See the Complete details about SEO Training.

Social Media Optimization training for Branding and regular engaging with your audience

Social media is great source for generate traffic and make a regular engagement with people who are interesting to read your blog posts. So we trained the RSS Subscription guide with top social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google Plus, and many more. Social media is best source for branding your blog and increasing traffic, check complete Social Media Training Details.

Cpanel and Web-hosting Guide

To manage web-hosting and blogging platform we guide to blogger for editing and uploading files through Cpanel. This guide help them manage things like directory, Sub Domain, email services and other things those are necessary and useful for any blogger. This guide not only help blogger to maintain their hosting but solve the server issue with easy way.

Affiliate Marketing and AdSense Training for Earn with Blog

If you are writing about the things you know very well and generate lot’s of traffic and we add some money in your wallet with your work, then it should be a motivational factor for you to working hard and regular for your blog. There are two easy way to earn money with your blog, One is AdSense and another is affiliate marketing. We provide complete guide how to earn money through either placing ad copy or affiliate marketing, Check Complete Affiliate Marketing Training Details.

Who Can attend Professional Blogging Course

Any working professional or housewife, who are looking for extra income source with their job or genuine way to earn money through home working part time. Anyone who have good understanding of basic computer skill and Internet can join this Course. But make sure you have good patience with consistency working on your blog for good results. Blogging is also a great opportunity for people who are looking for content marketing and generate leads through content awareness.

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